Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm Back!

Phew... it's been a long time since my last post!

I've just left my first doctor's appointment since moving to VA and am sitting in the local coffee shop using internet to get this posted.  My back has been so painful for the past two days that I finally made an appointment to go see a chiropractor.  I've gotten some instant relief; not perfect, but enough to enable me to sit here and type as opposed to laying flat on the sofa with Mr. Biggs' heating pad!

Our internet at the house fizzled out over the weekend and we still won't have the new Verizon card until Thursday.  Nothing happens fast around here!   So I'm making the best of being able to sit upright with no pain by sipping a latte and watching the town walk past the front window of the coffee shop.

Lots has happened since my last post.... most notably Christmas!   We spent 5 days in Snowshoe WV at what turned out to be a fantastic rental condo that I found on VRBO.   Three of the four sons flew in (we were missing Owen and Kathleen) along with future daughter-in-law Raeanna and her parents.

I had decided last spring that Christmas at our rental house would be crowded and fraught with disaster, so despite the fact that I'm a homebody and we've NEVER spent a Christmas away from our own home, we did something different this year.   Joe and I didn't ski, but we enjoyed a day on the tubing hill, finished a few books, took some walks and I actually enjoyed having food ready for everyone else when they came off the slopes.

New Years was another Virginia first for us and while not a total disappointment, it was a little low key.  No plans and no party invites so we had a quiet dinner together and were in bed before 10 pm.  Our first time to ring in the year without neighbors John, Sue, Brian and Sharon in over 25 years!  I'm already planning to host a New Years get together at the new house next year!  Who knows maybe we'll even have the old crew from LA come up and join us!

Before our pre-midnight bedtime, we got an evening phone call from Ada that she would be passing through Lexington the next afternoon!!!  Our first Louisiana visitors!  Ada was riding along and sharing driving with daughter Laura who was returning to her home in  MD after being in LA for during Tim's illness and for his funeral.

We cajoled them into spending the afternoon and overnighting with us.  I might have had to go out on the interstate with roofing nails had they not agreed to stop!  

Even though it was gray and drizzly we were still proud to show off our new hometown as well as the new house.   We heard some of Ada's plans for the Thoroughbreds and shared a funny Tim story or two over dinner at the Southern Inn.  If it weren't for Laura needing to be at work the next day, we'd have tried harder to get them to stay an extra day, but they had to get going the next morning.  

At least Ada now has a mental picture of the new house, the rental and our life here in Lexington.  Aren't good friends priceless?

I don't want to push my luck with my back so I'll call it quits.  I'm about 200 posts behind in my blog reading, but promise to catch up soon with my blog friends.

Last New Year's we were wondering where we would be.... would the house have sold?  Would we have begun construction on the new house?  And now here we are.... happy as clams, watching our house get built and starting a new life.

Happy New Year to All!  

Sunset and the lights of town from our rental home.  


  1. take care of that back! hate the internet outage, but at least you've got hopes of reconnecting again soon!

  2. Good to hear from you! Gosh, sorry about your back. Been down that road and once in a while it still flares up. Hoping the latte and the people watching was fabulous! Happy New Year!!

    Great photo by the way. :-))

  3. Beautiful pic! Feel better.. and Happy New Year!...

  4. Sore backs can really get you down, sorry no pun intended there. Grenville has the same problem and has been seeing a chiropractor for several months and also using our local YNCA which he said helps and the chiripractor agrees. Your Christmas get-together sounded wonderful. Happy New Year and catch up on blog reading when you can!

  5. A regular visit to your chiropractor will do, honey. I've been regularly visiting our chiropractor Carlton pinched nerve doctor and let me just say, I'm feeling better every session.

  6. According to a chiropractor Melbourne, one of the possible causes of back pain is a bad bed or posture. You might want to get that checked.

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