Sunday, January 15, 2012

Front Porch Staining

The front porch rafters and beams were put up without any stain.  

I decided that my free painting was preferable to paying a "real" painter goodness knows how much to slowly cut in the dark stain around each of the timbers.   I'm about the most anal painter in the world and that's what it was going to take to do a good job in this situation.  So who better for the job than me?

Joe and Tom set up some scaffolding and I began to put on the first coat of Shagbark a few days ago.

It was painfully slow..... this little bit took me over an hour and that's about all my back could handle without relapsing. I doubt anyone else would have been so precise and the dark stain against the light grooved ceiling have would shown every little bobble or overrun.  

I'm still loving Shagbark!

And I really do enjoy painting.....  It's instant gratification.  

I can't draw a stick figure so I'm no artist, but I'm a pretty darn good painter! 

(A few people told me that they couldn't read the post earlier this week about the Shagbark color choice.  Blogger didn't cooperate with the date and auto-post and it caused some problems.  So if you don't know what I'm talking about with Shagbark, here's the link)


  1. OMG my aching neck! GAH... I'd have had a total case of vertigo doing that job. But it really does look nice. Thumbs up to you.

  2. i'd be so sore! i doubt i'd be able to raise my arms enough to feed myself!


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