Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Hike

"Hike" is a bit of an exaggeration since we were walking along a relatively flat gravel road, but last week I went out with the Friday Hiking Group from the Newcomer's Club.  
Yes, I'm a week behind with this post!!
Buffalo Creek

It was a windy morning and just a hair above freezing with some flurries expected, so the group leaders decided to keep it simple by taking a short walk along a road that followed Buffalo Creek close to town.  (But to my dismay, no snow ever appeared!)

Looking upstream along Buffalo Creek 
Being able to drive a couple of miles from the heart of town, park and then just get out and walk is quite a change from our old life in EBR parish. 

About 15 of us walked along and visited and it made for a pleasant morning. 

I admired this small house with its copper roof, red siding and inviting stone steps leading down to the waters edge.  

The supply of canoes and kayaks along the other side of the house probably meant that the steps got a lot of use in nice weather. 

I need to start hoofing it on my own two feet more often and relying less on Cloud's four hooves to carry me along.  We only went about 4 miles and yet my legs were sore the next day!
Low water bridge to someone's property.... hope they have more than one way in!


  1. really pretty area! nice that you found a good group to get to know (each other and the walking areas, too!)

  2. What a great area for a walk. I wonder if the water ever gets high enough that those steps disappear.

  3. A beautiful place to walk and take pics! And if you are wanting some snow ... come up to our part of the woods ... snowing right now!

  4. Gorgeous area! And I love that cottage :) Those stone steps take my breath away...
    xo, misha


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