Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fashion Choices

What does a girl who has just moved from Louisiana wear 

in order to make a fashion statement here in Virginia?

Especially if she desperately needs to expand her winter wardrobe?  

How about if she's young at heart

 and has a little gray in her hair?  

 Nothing could be more flattering and appropriate than turquoise and lilac Fleur-de-Li's!!!   

Isn't she a cutie?

.... Bringing a little pizzaz to the barn where almost everyone else is in drab navy blue or black!


  1. LOL... I picked a crazy fly mask once.. it was turquoise blue and purple plaid.. and oooh, did my guy get picked on. Where's Elvis today? What, no purple? ...

  2. That is totally what I would wear if I were the new kid on the block too!! Simply lovely!

  3. Ok Grace, you had me going on this (and maybe other readers too) cause without looking ahead at the photos, it seemeed as if you were referring to yourself. But the selected outfits are indeed good fashion choices for the prettiest (new) girl in the barn.

  4. that is TOO CUTE!!! go, fleur de lis!

  5. So fashionable!! And so amazingly free of mud and dirt! :)


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