Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Woman's Prerogative

Earlier this month, I was quite proud of myself for finally choosing a color for the timbers.

Remember my plan to use Sherwin Williams "Caribou"?

Did anyone notice that the back porch timbers were decidedly
Un Caribou-ish?

I had painted a good sized sample board and was pleased with the color, but thank goodness, the day before the timbers were going to receive their base coat, I painted a larger sample directly on a reject timber.  

I tried to like it.  

I spent an entire afternoon out at the house staring at that timber and trying to convince myself and anyone else who'd listen that it would be an awesome color.

SW Caribou on a timber

Apparently they've taken lessons in discretion from the guy at Sherwin Williams, because I couldn't get a single one of the construction crew to give me any opinion whatsoever. 

 Finally I took a deep breath and said aloud that this wasn't a case of being wishy-washy.

I didn't like it.  It wasn't a pleasing color and the more I saw of it, the purpler it looked.

It was yucky.


I didn't know what color the timbers were going to be, but they weren't going to be Caribou and I was going to delay everyone while I figured it out.   

And as soon as I said all of the above within earshot of the crew, the proverbial floodgates opened.  

Timber framer Bob mentioned that it looked "industrial."

Steven the plumber opined that it reminded him of PVC pipe.

Pat the lead carpenter mentioned the word "battleship" more than once.  

All three of these gentlemen had declined comment previously!  

Back to Sherwin-Williams I went and left armed with several more quart samples.

Shagbark on left.  Caribou on right.
I'm thrilled with my choice of "Shagbark."  

It's an earthy "touchable" brown.  Not yucky at all!

And Look!!  It's getting taller with timbers going up on the upper porch.
It's getting easier to visualize the roof extending over the back.  More than one local person coming to see the house has thought that the roof is ending abruptly like that as part of the design!

We're growing accustomed to the blue paper on the roof; it sort of reminds us of Louisiana.

It's a blue tarp/post hurricane thing for those of you lucky enough to not live in hurricane prone areas!

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  1. i'm liking the darker brown tones too! the 'puce' color on the other is not nearly as pleasing! good job!


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