Thursday, December 1, 2011

What color is a Caribou anyway?

I've got colors.... or at least color choices!! 

The house will have some Craftsman/Prairie elements.  A low dark standing seam metal roof 
and tapered stone columns on the front of the house. 
Our old house was traditional farmhouse gray with white trim and windows but this house will be "earthy" tones: muted and trying to blend in a bit with the hillside. 

The exterior cladding of the Loewen windows and doors is called Tuscany Brown,  which is a misnomer since it looks like a graphite color with only the merely the barest hint of brown.  

I've decided to play off the dark windows and accent them by staining the window/door trim, rafter tails, fascia board and timber frame posts and beams a darker shade than the base color of the house.  Those trim elements and the timbers will be Sherwin Williams Caribou which is a dark taupey graphite color.  Is that what a Caribou looks like?

The bulk of the house where it isn't ledge stone will be board and batten Hardiboard painted in a creamy tan appropriately named Sand Castle.  It seemed a little pale so I'll be having it made to 125% strength.  

Still to be decided is the color of the porch ceilings and soffits which I'm planning on doing a sagey gray.  

Our ledge stone samples didn't come in today as planned so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to be sure that it all blends with the stone choice.  

 In the meantime here are the final color choices that I put on a few scrap boards using Sherwin Williams samples in paint formulation (they won't do samples as stains).

First photos taken in the sun. 
(Darker color for trim, Lower light color for siding)

The same colors when seen in the shade.  
 The top wedge shaped board is SandCastle in the normal strength.  The bottom rectangular board is the 125%.  It's a very slight difference.

I wish the colors were "prettier" but I'm fairly confident that it needs to be a more "organic" looking house. 

We spent a little time this AM talking to Bob who is directing the timber frame porch building.  He has  been notching and sorting for the past few days.  We're lucky to have him helping with the project;  he's a talented craftsman! 

Going riding tomorrow to blow the cobwebs out of my brain!  

Update:  If anyone is reading this and looking for paint colors you should know that I decided against Caribou and used a different color "Shagbark"... see the post in January: "A Woman's Prerogative"    Caribou just didn't cut it!!  


  1. good for you for getting the colors picked! i love that hardyboard siding. we just had the Run*A*Round house done in the concrete board. it's very 'clean' looking. :)

    i went with organic colors too - the sage and pine in our case. with your beams and staining it's nice you're going with the sand and caribou. and i LOVE your dark window trim! so cool!!!

  2. That's going to be beautiful! Don't know about caribou but our whitetail change colors; dark gray in the winter and almost orange during the warm months. Local lore says the redder the deer in the spring, the hotter the summer will be and, so far, that seems to be the case.

  3. Our house is mostly earthtones. Yours will be lovely.

  4. I love the strength of the stain you chose. This is just going to be the most lovely home. Your views at sunset are beautiful and so peaceful. It looks like the perfect location for your new home.


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