Thursday, December 22, 2011

Timber Frame Rear Porch

 After weeks of preparation, the timbers for the lower rear porch are in place!  

They were planed and carefully numbered, measured and notched independently over on the garage slab.  When assembly began, it went together quickly in only two days.  

We were still down in Louisiana, so didn't see the actual work in progress.

Our initial vision for the house revolved around this idea of a rear two level porch, so we're thrilled that we can finally see the whole "footprint" of the house
as well as the area where we expect to spend a lot of time!

The posts are 12x12 so massive is a word that definitely applies.  We've got to hand it to our architect, since we'd never have thought to go with such large dimensions on the lumber.  


  1. It's been quite a while since I checked in on you, and I'm thrilled to see your box of a house get its soul, in the form of this beautiful two-level porch. The massive scale of the posts fit perfectly in the expansive setting. Wow!!

  2. your house is going to be SO beautiful! each item that you add makes it more and more so!

  3. Love watching this construction! It is taking shape and start to see its beauty! Merry Christmas!

  4. Forward progress is always so exciting...any time of the year!

  5. Grace, Happy New Year to you and Joe and thanks for sharing the story of your new home here. It's been exciting reading and seeing the progress. By the next holiday season, we will most likely see you celebrating in your home!

  6. The timber is quite A grade. It will last for a long time if used as framework support.
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