Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Friends and Old Dogs

When you ask God for a gift, 
Be thankful if he sends,
Not diamonds, pearls or riches, 
But the love of real true friends
Helen Steiner Rice

Tim was laid to rest in a tree shaded cemetery in Shreveport where several generations of his family are already interred.  Friends and family gathered to say goodbye to a man that we all loved and admired.  Ada was the rock that I knew she would be for the services, but we all knew how her heart was broken and aching.

Dinner the evening after the funeral seemed incomplete without Tim there to tell stories; he'd have loved the sight of all 25 of us seated at the long table.  Some of the group were relatives and others were "just" friends, but we were all bound together by the common thread of having known and loved J. Timothy White III.

Does it seem strange that we brought the dogs along with us on our marathon drive back to Louisiana?

Tim was a dog lover (is there such a thing as a horse person who isn't a dog lover?) and Mr. Biggs loved to sit on his lap and be stroked.  After getting to know Biggs, Tim caught the Jack Russell bug and came home from a trip to Oklahoma with a JRT puppy "Jack" who soon became the apple of his eye.

Biggs had another seizure last week (his second this month) so we weren't willing to leave him behind.   No doubt, Tim would have approved and understood.

And since Mr. Biggs was coming, there was no reason not to bring Atta who helps Biggs feel more secure when in a strange place alone.  The Residence Inn was pet friendly and the weather was mild enough that they could even stay in the car without being too cold.

Too soon it was time to leave and we said goodbye with promises of future visits, texts and phone calls.

Should the retirement gig not pan out, Joe and I may have a career as long haul truckers:   seventeen hours and 1,100 miles after leaving north Louisiana, we pulled into our driveway in VA at 1AM.  

Though he'd done practically nothing but sleep during the drive, Biggs laid down in the bed and slept for 9 hours without moving a muscle, only waking up after being rousted out of a deep sleep at almost 11 AM.  Ah, it's good to be a beloved old dog......

Thanks to everyone who sent a note or comment this week,  I'll get caught up one of these days!


  1. glad you made it there to celebrate his life and provide comfort to his wife. and glad the dogs did well, too. now you are home again to hopefully all rest!

  2. I think Tim would approve. Our two are like children now that the youngest 2 legged one has left the nest and it's gotten to the point where we actually plan our adventures around the dogs. For years we didn't eat in restaurants that serve alcohol because it was illegal to carry a gun in those establishments (Frankie and I both carry and have done for over 10 years). Now we either get a baby sitter for Molly and Buddy or eat at places that have drive throughs!

  3. Sad as this event was for everyone, thank you Grace for letting us know how things went. Also glad you both and the dogs made the trip safely. You all deserve to sleep long and late.

  4. A lovely post dear friend ... I am afraid we are entering that phase of life that we will start losing dear friends and loved ones. All we can do is rejoice in knowing them. It sounds like you all did! But then, it still doesn't ease the loss.

  5. Lovely post. I am sorry about your friend. Glad your return to VA was uneventful.


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