Thursday, November 17, 2011

House Progress Interior Shots

Posting a few photos taken this week of the main floor entry and den.
Foyer.... ignore the temporary front door!
     Our plumber and electrician are a father and son who work together as a team.  They've been busy pulling wire and laying pipe. 

     We're going the extra mile and putting in cast iron drops (the vertical drain pipes) within the walls so that the noise of water draining through the pipes isn't loud.  I stayed at a house last year where the sound of rushing water from upstairs showers and toilets through the PVC sounded like a waterfall within the walls.... seriously!  
View from the foyer toward the den.  (Basement stairs to right, bookcases on the left.
     Cast iron isn't used very much anymore, but it was important to us.  We had insisted on cast iron drops at the old house and as a result there was no sound of  water falling through the walls in the hallway.  

Looking from the MBR hallway across the back of the  den,  Kitchen at far end, dining room to right.  
     The sounds of silence aren't something that anyone will notice so it's easy to overlook the benefit.  But visitors in the guest room would otherwise be having to listen to the sounds of our shower and toilet draining down from above their heads!  

Temporary stairs to the basement, foyer.   
We're also bucking the norm here in VA and not putting floor registers in the main level for the heat and air.  Yes, I know that heat rises and so floor vents help with heating, but I also know how much dog hair and dirt gets on my floor each day.  So we're routing the vents up to the ceiling.  No worries about furniture placement and Atta can shed to her hearts content! 

Looking from the kitchen toward the dining room (L) and den (R).  Beverage area (R) with 1/2 bath behind it.  
Our stretch of warm weather ended this afternoon when some blustery cold winds moved in and the temperatures will be down in the mid-20's tonight.  We're going riding in the morning and I'm wishing that I had ordered some winter riding pants!  


  1. Our vents are in the ceiling because we built on a slab. I am not sure it really matters, to be honest. Your house is looking wonderful.

  2. So enjoy watching your progress ...

  3. This is such fun seeing the house going up. I am curious to know your contractor because I know so many of them....maybe Tim Welsh or John Gunner. We have just got to get together. I would love coming up to see the house as it is going up. I work Monday and Tuesday, but then we are out for the rest of the week. Buddy and I are staying here. Going to a friend’s for Tgiving din din, but that is all. Maybe we could get together in town. I do not quite understand what is going on with Google, but hope you have gotten it worked out. Spent nite in Roanoke last night because Buddy ran the half marathon there this morning. Got some great shots of the old bridges, water reflections, and the people in the race. Hope to get them up soon. genie

  4. Great interior space... I look forward to the progress!

  5. Hi Grace, since our return home from the Oct road trip and in between the plumbling problems here, I have been trying to catch up on blog reading. This post was exciting to "see" how far the construction has progressed on your home. And to think that by this time next year, you will be enjoying your 1st Thanksgiving there!


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