Saturday, November 12, 2011

Front Porch TimberFraming

 The framing of the front entry porch is largely finished!!  

The white oak beams were locally cut and milled.... beautiful aren't they? 

The exposed timber framing was a little out of the scope of what the crew usually does, but they rose to the occasion and did a fantastic job.

Rounding off the ends to create the curved rafter tails.....

From the underside, it's especially beautiful.... now I'm questioning my original plan to stain the wood beams a dark brown.  I'm sort of liking being able to see the grain etc.
(The horizontal beam will be wrapped with oak)

The metal poles will be wrapped with tapered stone columns.  And the temporary front door will eventually be bigger, wider and have side lights.  Of course, I still haven't chosen the real front door yet, but it's on the list!  :)


  1. the beams are really pretty. i like the rounded ends. :)

  2. What a good eye for design. That is goign to be gorgeous. You must be very happy with how that is looking. It's very fitting for the area you have moved to. You better start looking for that front door!

  3. Love men that can build things! It's obviously not an easy task but great that they are getting it done.

  4. What a lovely entry. That looks spectacular.

  5. I love the exposed oak beams and the rounded ends! I vote for leaving the beams as they are.


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