Wednesday, November 16, 2011

County Road Signs Mirror Our Life

Sometimes I wonder how we got here.  We seemed so set in our path of staying in Louisiana and never leaving our "forever" home there.   

We were rolling along on a track that seemed set in stone.... or bounded in iron.  Little deviations might have happened here and there but this was our path.... 

And then we crossed .......

Since he was self employed, we never thought that Joe would be able to retire at an early age..... "early age" being a relative term to anyone under 30!
  With no corporate 401K etc, we assumed that retirement was many years down the road.

The buyout offer from Farmers came at the perfect time.  
My parents had passed away, children began to leave home, and we began to get more and more disenchanted with the crime and craziness in EBR parish.  

At some point, the tiny seeds of discontent and doubt about staying on our chosen track began to sprout.  

So we wrenched and pulled, pried and levered and we did it!  

We took the train off the tracks!

I love that analogy...... 
 I don't picture a train wreck.  No engine laying on it's side with cars all a jumble.  
Instead I envision the freedom to break out of a rut.

Without our tracks, we were free to swoop over onto.....

Where to go from there?  We couldn't just wander around aimlessly.  We needed a plan.

The answer came easily.  We haven't had a minutes regret about our decision to move here.  

Yep, Rockbridge County is also home to.....


  1. what a great post! so glad you both agreed on the 'jump the tracks' move and direction you needed to go in...

  2. What a wonderful post! Loved the road signs that went along so well with it!

  3. What a wonderful creatively illustrated post that was, Grace. Right now we are feeling the urge to move on as well, but lots of things have to be done first.


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