Friday, November 11, 2011

A Few Virginia Firsts

No, I didn't fall off a cliff!

There's been SO much happening lately that finding the time to sit and write has been challenging.  Since I want the blog to help me remember what's happening in these exciting times as we get settled into a new life, I need to get off my duff and start writing!!

I'll play catch up and mention a few "firsts" that have happened since my last post ....
  • Our first snowfall was about a month earlier than I expected.  It was only about 1/2" and melted before lunch,  but it made us realize that we need to buy a snow shovel and some de-icer so that we'll be ready when the real thing comes along.  Snow shovels weren't something that we ever needed in Louisiana!

  • I attended my first lacrosse game since I was in college:  the 25th annual Lee-Jackson Lacrosse Classic pitted VMI against W&L in a preseason matchup.  Free admission and the peaceful stroll to the stadium is always a perk when going to W&L sporting events!

  • It may not seem like much but I got up the courage to find a new hairdresser here in VA.  After going to Nona R in Baton Rouge for the past 24 years (!!), it was nerve wracking to let someone else highlight and cut my hair!  Visions of having hair with streaky stripes and walking out with a crazy cut thankfully didn't come true!  Everett and Kelly did a fine job, so I should be able to relax and enjoy the experience with my next visit.  
  • Sarge and Cloud had their first shoeing with their new farrier.  I'm still getting to know Cloud, but she's coming along and I'm very happy that she's mine.
  • Bernard the Mini is sporting a new license plate, and I've got a VA driver's license in my wallet!  Our first visit to the Virginia DMV was successful from the point of view of the Virginia state coffers.  It cost us almost 900.00 to register the cars and trailers and get new drivers licenses! We still have to get our inspection stickers (state AND county) so more revenue is coming VA's way!   Nobody ever said moving to paradise was going to be cheap! 
  • Halloween was our first "holiday" event since moving to Lexington.  Trick or Treat in town was quite the spectacle as streams of costumed kids and their parents went up and down the streets in the afternoon collecting candy from the downtown businesses.  We walked around a bit and then settled into a table in the front of the coffee shop where we could watch the action.  Funny how times have changed.... other than one vampire, I didn't see any ghouls, goblins or witches!

Even the horses from the carriage ride business got into the spirit...  Guess they are being "horses of a different color"?  
  • I celebrated my first birthday as a Virginian.  55!!  Who'd have thought?  Joe and I had lots to talk about during dinner out at my favorite restaurant in town:  The Southern Inn.   

And that's a handful of our firsts from recent days.......

Stay tuned for a house update tomorrow.... there have been lots of changes at the new house!  


  1. good to hear from you! sounds like you're having fun in your new state/city. i follow another blogger from lexington, va. a woman named genie (climbing the digital mountain).

  2. I still don my witches hat each Halloween even though we don't get trick or treaters on our street. I mean, what's Halloween without a witch in the house.

    Looking forward to seeing your house and how it's coming along.

    Happy belated birthday to you, Grace.

  3. Loved this post!
    I had been wondering about you :)

    You may want to think about a snow-blower also. Ice scrapers for the car windshield for when the car isn't in the garage!
    And although this may sound silly-keep some warm blankets, bottled water, extra warm boots and granola bars in a bag in the trunk or easy to reach place! We don't get our snow in Tn until Jan. or Feb., but we do deal with ice on these mountain roads! I learned the hard way, our first winter! I skidded off a curvy road, into an embankment-couldn't get the car to start again! I was out of range for my cell phone and had to wait over an hour for a passing car!!
    We took the advice of the locals and packed an ER kit for each car :) We now have the On-star thingie but it still could take a while for a tow truck to reach us. Each winter we hear of these cases on the news. As you can tell, we like to be prepared. Ha!
    Have a lovely day, Grace!!
    xo, misha

  4. This is so exciting...both of us in Lexington. I am out Rt. 60 west and teach at Rockbridge Middle School. My husband is the bald headed fellow at Walkabout Outfitters. He is retired from manager at the ABC store for years.Your house looks divine. We are in a 110 year old farmhouse...Your views spectacular. Bud finished the half marathon in a tiny bit over 3 hours...we are thrilled. Will drive home tomorrow. I just can’t believe we have 2 photo bloggers in Lex...this is wonderful. genie

  5. I was wondering where you had been!! You've been very busy doing a lot of 1st thing and getting ready for any future bad weather. Did you ever pick out all the fixtures? I can't imagine having to pick out a new hairdresser; that would be scary. Hope you are still able to enjoy this lovely fall weather; its still very nice here.

  6. Happy Birthday! You have had a busy time. I can't imagine all the new things you have to figure out when you move to a new area. I'm glad you're having a good time.

  7. Well you seem to have really thrown yourself into living in VA! I'm so happy for you! And you've already found a farrier.

    Happy Birthday! I think you're living in one of the most beautiful parts of this country. We attended LAX games at Washington and Lee when my girls played. I think it's a gorgeous campus.

  8. Your view on the front porch ( or porch to be) is spectacular! Nothing in the way of the view... I've been so used to the neighborhood growing around me that I'm sorry to say that I've become accustomed to not having much of a view... exciting to see customs and the ways people celebrate the beginning of the holidays. For many years we would bring horses to the elementary Fall festival for the children to enjoy. I'm sure that even in rural areas not all kids get to grow up with livestock... years ago Zachary was considered fairly rural, but is changing rapidly. People seem to melt into technology and we are never very far away from new lifestyles and new ideas.. Thanks for helping me keep in touch and up to date with the Simcoes!!! Can't wait to see the first "sneaux day"!!! ;)


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