Monday, October 17, 2011

More Great Neighbors

Once again it seems as though we'll be lucky enough to have wonderful neighbors surrounding our home.  

Maybe similar minds flock to similar places?

Our former neighbors in Lake Jolie Vue are irreplaceable but I remind myself that I'm not trying to replace anyone.  Shifting categories from "friend and neighbor" to just "friend" doesn't mean that anyone left behind is less loved or missed.  

We've felt welcomed on our new road since shortly after we bought the land two years ago.  Since then we've gotten to know all but one of the homeowners on the road (there are seven total) and we've shared a meal or long visit with many of them.

Our "southside" neighbors, Brenda and Clay have been nice enough to invite us for coffee several times on previous visits and they asked us over for dinner a little over a week ago.  At the time were still unpacking and so it was a VERY welcome break.  Plus they also invited neighbor Betty whom I enjoyed getting to know better.  

Can I admit that it was also a nice change to carry on a sustained conversation with someone other than Joe?!  We've done a few things separately since that evening, but at the time we were seemingly joined at the hip and hadn't been apart in days.  

If I had remembered to bring the camera, there might be photos here of the perfectly grilled salmon and steak or the smile on my face.  It was a fun evening and helped us feel less like newcomers and more like part of the town.  

Neighbors Linda and Dave are right across the road from the new house and on Thursday of this week, I finally got to attend one of the concerts that they host at their home on a regular basis.

This is the view of the Blue Ridge Mtns looking east from their driveway!  No photoshopping here... I couldn't do it justice anyway, it's so much more beautiful in person than my point and shoot can capture.  Plus there are 360 degree views like this all the way around from atop their 50 acres.  

 Even by Rockbridge County standards (there are views everywhere!),  it's a jawdropping sight.  

Dave and Linda hold regular "house concerts" and "house music parties" in their "concert room".  

It's hard to explain the atmosphere of relaxation and community that comes across when you're there.  

Irish guitarist Tom Martin was the guest artist on Thursday and as I listened to him sing and fingerpick his guitar (imagine a combination of John Prine and Albert King with an Irish accent), I kept picturing myself being able to tootle across the gravel lane to such concerts on a regular basis when the house is completed. 

Friendly neighbors with interesting stories and lives  ......  Ah yes!   

Twenty six years later, we've picked another splendid road on which to build a house!  


  1. What a wonderful thing! And oooh, those views!..

  2. It's hard to beat our Virginia views, isn't it? Love that you are being invited into the hearts of your neighbors. That must make your heart swell a bit. :-)

  3. hallelujah! we have been blessed with good neighbors (GREAT neighbors, actually) in our last 2 residences. it really makes a home...

    i had a friend that would host house concerts for artists. it is a neat thing. :)

  4. How awesome! I am so happy for you! As someone who has moved many, many times over the years, I know how important new friends can be :)
    xo, misha

  5. That sounds lovely! I am so glad you are making friends.


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