Saturday, October 15, 2011

Land of Milk and Honey?

It's quite a kick being able to get such a variety of local goods.  Considering that the county is only 35K total, there is a lot of diversity in what's available.

This was the haul from my visit to the Farmer's Market last week; all produced and grown nearby and most of it organic!

Sugar Pie Pumpkins
Apples (3 varieties)
Banana Peppers
Green Beans
Goat Cheese
Fingerling Potatoes
Ichiban Eggplant
Miniature Delicata Squash
Shitake Mushrooms
Sweet Potatoes
Pork Sausage
Beef Stew Meat
Ground Beef
3 Varieties of Milk

Noel had to check it all out as I was unloading, but alas no cans of cat food!

The title of this post is land of milk and honey, but I already had a jar of honey so didn't need to buy any this week.

Why did I buy three kinds of milk?  The heaviest cream top was for the pumpkin soup and other cooking, 2% was for drinking and the 1% for foaming in our morning coffee.  ....

I admit to being a little crazy about cooking.


  1. totally NOT crazy about cooking, but your kitty cat sure is cute!

  2. I'm a foodie, too! Drives THE BOSS nuts when I yell at her to stop cluttering up my kitchen with junk but she calms right down when I put the food on the table when she walks in the door from work. Dad, a Navy cook for 26 years, taught me how to cook and to wash the pots, pans, etc. as I cooked and wipe everything down before I sat down to eat so I could kick back and relax after the meal. Still doin' it his way to this day.

  3. Not a big cook myself ... but lovin' that kitty!

  4. I wish I were more of a cook than I am. I just don't seem to have the talent for it.

  5. I can totally agree with your love of cooking and coming home with all those fresh finds woudl excite me too -- just like when Grenville used to bring them in from the garden this summer.

  6. This is to weird I am in Louisiana and your not ! Love you miss you


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