Sunday, October 23, 2011

House Construction Progress: Windows!!

The windows arrived this week!  The installation is finished along the front and sides and almost through along the rear of the house.

We decided to go a bit overboard and we chose to use Loewen for the windows and all of the glass doors.
 Chairs where the Master Bathtub will eventually be....
Made in Canada (wish we could have gone US made, but we didn't feel that we were seeing the same quality in the Marvin and Pella).  They've got a straight grain fir on the interior and clad on the exterior. 
Since we're staining all of the interior wood that fir should be beautiful!

I agonized a bit (OK a lot!) over the exterior color choice and decided to be slightly edgy with a dark graphite. 

The stairwell window is 6' square, so we were relieved to see that they built a platform to help them with the installation!  

The casement on the left isn't installed yet, but this is the kitchen sink view.  I'm excited beyond belief to realize that on a clear day, I can see the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains peeking up in the distance!!  

It was a major hit to the budget to go with Loewen and our builder had never used them before so we have been holding our breath hoping that our decision was a good one.  We were relieved that the comments from the crew were all positive regarding the quality, the heft and the squareness of everything they've installed so far.  

They'll be a royal pain to design the layout around, but I love the little casements in the master closet! 
I'm almost ready to gush over how glad I am that we took the Loewen plunge, BUT we've got a problem with the grills on ALL of the doors (5 different openings);  the grills (muntins) are about 6" too high and so don't line up with the grills on the windows.

We're waiting to see how either Loewen or the distributor in Charlottesville handles it, so I'm trying to reserve my initial enthusiasm a bit until after we see what plan they come up to make it right and how quickly customer service tries to remedy the error.

Since I'm the one who was making the biggest push to use Loewen, largely because of the quality we'd get in the doors, I'll either be singing their praises or knocking myself in the side of the head!


  1. It is always tough to be sure you've made the right decision on something like that.I'm not sure you ever really know!

  2. hope you get the issues resolved, but glad the crew was happy with the installation on the windows... :)

  3. I was a professional nail, carpenter for a couple of years and have installed all 3 brands. I think you made a good choice even if there is a problem with the muntins. I'm sure they'll get it straightened out. It's good you're getting the house dried in before the flakes start to blow. It would be a real pain shoveling snow out of that master bathtub:-)

  4. Loewen's are great windows. Did my own shopping several years ago and it was between the Pella and Loewens ... ended up going with Pella cause he gave us a great great deal. But still believe the Loewen is a better window!

  5. You're right, it is coming along nicely; well done!


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