Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Construction Progress.... We've Got Fireplaces!

The back wall of the den looks much less open now that the fireplace is in!!  

It'll be covered with stacked ledgestone (manmade or "cultured" stone), the hearth will be soapstone.
To get a sense of scale, the bolts coming out of the masonry that will eventually hold the mantel are a little higher than 6'..... it's not quite a Cracker Barrel fireplace, but it's pretty big!

And the fireplace on the outside lower level is also finished!  

The timbers for the rear porch have been delivered but for now it looks strange with the roof just ending back there and doors to nowhere!  

When the Louisiana house sale went through, we gave the okay to continue work on the garage.
The foundation walls were poured at the same time as the house, but we had stopped work figuring that we could easily do without the garage.
But since I love the design (architecturally it's more striking than the house from the front) and since Bernard the Mini would love to be "inside", I'm glad that we move ahead with it.

The garage is oriented at a 45 degree angle from the house.  We'll have a walkway but aren't sure whether we'll cover it or do an arbor type of connection.  

I'm standing on the gravel lane taking this photo... they're ready for the slab, but rain over the next day or two might slow that down.  

The front view.... forms going up for the front porch.
Now.... notice anything odd?

Or from the back did you catch what was a little strange?
What doesn't quite add up?

There are two fireplaces and three flues!
The real flues are the two on the right.... the dummy flue on the left was suggested by the stone mason as a way to balance the look since he couldn't center the flues in the chimney!  
We knew that one had to be centered and one on the right and we had never thought about filling the void with a false flue.... Genius!!
The chimney and stone around the flues will eventually come up to the level of the concrete on the dummy flue and will have a band detail. 

Again for a sense of scale... they are monster flues!  

Another milestone..... the windows and doors were delivered today! 
Stay tuned!


  1. Such wonderful progress! Love those chimney's.

  2. Oh man, look at that view! You'll be happy about having a garage when the flakes start to fly. A couple of years ago Godzilla was buried up to the door handles when we had 2 big storms a week apart. That would be almost roof level on Bernard!

  3. Wow, what a lovely view. You'll enjoy that a lot. I like the look of the fireplace, too.

  4. How exciting! It is progressing nicely. Love the fireplace.

  5. This is great - watching your new home being constructed. Those fireplaces are looking good, even if they are not yet done. So glad that bernard will have a place to park.

  6. Everything is looking great. I pray for great weather so they can stay on "schedule".

  7. I like houses that have fireplaces. It creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. cement mixer


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