Friday, September 23, 2011

We're Off!

The moving van arrived right on time yesterday morning.  Loading went well.... there were plenty of times that I couldn't watch as they were stacking and wheeling things precariously down the long driveway, but I never heard any crashes!   :)

I was grateful to learn that our belongings would be the ONLY load on the truck (we knew that often they split loads in order to fill the truck.  Even better news was that our driver, who used his two sons and a grandson as his loading crew, will drive the whole route and his sons will also unload us in VA.

We had dinner at John and Sue's on Wednesday night.  They were the first to welcome us to "our" end of the street 26 years ago and brought us a much needed casserole for dinner when we were moving in after the house was completed, so it was appropriate that theirs was the last house we were invited to before leaving for VA.  

We were exhausted after yet another night being up until 3AM, yet we still managed to go have a nice dinner out at the Mag with Paige and David last night.   I knew the cleaning and final packing could wait;  a visit with dear friends took precedence over getting an early start this AM. 

This morning after the house was cleaned, a bottle of champagne left in the refrigerator, and all of the critters ready for the journey, I was on such an even keel that I was SURE that I wasn't going to cry.  

But seconds before I got in the car,  the tears welled up.  

After little sniffling on Joe's shoulder, I climbed into Bernard since I was taking the first leg of "Noel duty" while Joe was following in the truck with the dogs and horses.  .

.... A few more tears going down the driveway.... A few more going across the front of the property.  And then I couldn't stand it anymore; by the time I reached Mr Grimmer's a half mile down the road, I had to pull over and sob.  I was totally overcome.  

I've only felt this way at funerals.... you know the feeling like your chest is about to explode or is being torn into pieces?

It was about 10 minutes before I had pulled myself together enough to drive.  I gave myself an imaginary shake of the shoulders and told myself that I hadn't lost anyone.  I still have the same wonderful four sons, husband and dear friends.  All that I no longer have is the house.  A wonderful house it's true, but a house all the same.  My sons will still be my sons whether I've got that house to remind me of their childhoods or not.  My friends are all still alive and well and able to be called and emailed.  I'm still hoping that friends are constant fixtures in our new guest room.

It may take a while to feel familiar, but I know that my life will be full and rich in Virginia.  Onward!

It's 11 pm and I need some sleep.  We're staying at a "horse motel" in northern Alabama; a lovely place about 4 miles off the interstate.  The horses have a safe, lush pasture (they could have had stalls but I chose to let them stretch their legs) while we're in the RV half of the trailer which is  plugged into the clean and quiet barn.  Joe, Biggs, Atta and Noel are much smarter than me and they are all fast asleep!  

BTW little 15 year old tabby Noel who has never left the house except for occasional vet trips, is handling the upheaval like a trooper.  There were only a couple of minutes of mewing in the car and she's made no protest about the collar and tag that I'm making her wear.  Such a sweetheart!

Here's a photo from loading day.... Do you think Sarge may be telling Cloud that it seems like a rather large trailer for just the two of them!

Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed or commented..... I'll get back to you personally in a day or so...... What a week!


  1. Congrats!!...

    And I do love that Cloud! more pics when you have time to breath again :-)

  2. Thinking about you this morning. I know you are on the road "somewhere". It will be worth it. Can't wait for you to get in the house.

  3. oh, i started crying as i read this. 28 yrs ago, when i left wisconsin as a 20 yr old, those same soul-wracking sobs came from me as i left my mother, father and all of my siblings in search of a new life. i kept driving thru them and thank God i didn't have an accident...

  4. Virginia here you come! woot woot!! I have cried a little bit when moving from each home to another. Not only did we leave a house behind, but neighbors who we cared very much about. It's just hard!!

  5. It is hard. Where we live becomes a piece of us and we leave little bits of us behind. But, I have always looked at each move I have done as adventure! To get know a new part of this beautiful country, and to get to know new friends who are waiting in the wings..
    I am SO excited for to follow you on this new adventure!
    And goodness, don't worry about getting back to us through comments! You have your hands full and everyone knows that :)
    Hugs to you and smooches to all of your beautiful critters!
    xo, misha

  6. Virginia is waiting for you! I do hope you'll love it here. I'm sure you'll make many new friends. But it is always hard to say goodbye.

  7. Hi Grace, good byes and last looks to a beloved home are certainly hard, but as you said it's the people that you remember and will stay in contact with even after you leave. That's what matters. Glad the packing was done and everything loaded up.

  8. Glad you are in Va.I know it was a bittersweet move.


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