Saturday, September 17, 2011

Packing and Outdoor Tour Part Three

I wish I could say that packing yesterday sailed along and that Joe and I swirled through the house with joyous abandon, jazzy music playing, reminiscing and happy as newlyweds.   The truth is that I was grumpy and Joe was painfully slow (over an hour to pack 3 boxes of books?.....just saying!)  But I can smile about it now and for some reason, I'm in a much more serene mood today.

We got most of the den packed, but we're a little behind my orderly plan of attack that was supposed to give us 2 days off before the actual move.  Slowing us down horribly is getting our "art" (sounds grand doesn't it?) boxed up in those maddening puzzle boxes that they call picture/mirror cartons.

During all of the chaos and crabbiness, Sarge decided to lay down out in the pasture and die rather than move to VA.  Not really, but he did get a touch of gassy colic and after an hour of walking him around, we went to the drugs and gave him a syringe of Banamine.  He's recovered now and probably just wanted to throw a monkey wrench in our schedule!

We worked until 6 pm, then tidied ourselves up and drove into Baton Rouge meeting Clark and Raeanna who made the 90 mile drive up to have dinner with us one last time.  I tell you these kids of mine will do ANYTHING for a free meal!

We got our minds off of boxes, tape and bubble wrap for a while and learned more about the first six weeks of medical school and Clark's plans for starting his job on Monday!  Talk about things to remember for those two.... I hope one of them is keeping a journal!

But it was sad beyond sad to hug them goodbye out in the parking lot.  We're hoping to see them at Christmas, but who knows?

We put in a couple of hours of packing after dinner and then melted into bed at 1 AM.  What a day!

Joe is fixing breakfast (a rare occurence) so I'll take a minute to finish out the outdoor tour.....

The barn is just a few steps from the end of the driveway....

Once again, we often pat ourselves on the back for coming up with such a nice plan and design.

The tack room and workshop are in the front and then the three stalls have access to the pasture which wraps in a "U" shape around the house.

We'll be boarding Sarge and Cloud when we get to VA.

No plans to build another barn.  We were so disheartened to learn that with the "new" real estate appraisal methods our lovely stable was only valued at $10/square foot.  Sad, sad, sad.

It'll be nice to leave their daily care to someone else for a change!
Here's the view of the back of the house from the pasture. 

 We built the pool about 10 years ago; our goal was to have something that would look attractive in the landscape even if it were never used for swimming.

I was originally certain that I wanted a "curvy" pool but quickly realized that every pool photograph that I was drawn to was geometric.  So I switched gears and created an angular design.  It incorporates a 50' lap lane into the design. .... I can do wonders with graph paper!

Oh and I said yesterday that we didn't hire out anything on the landscaping?.... I take that back.... We definitely didn't install the pool ourselves!!!

All of these photos look so sparse since I decided not to plant my usual myriad of pots and planters round the pool this summer.... and a few of the photos are from early spring.
 Deep enough to dive.....

And the hot tub feels great to old muscles after a day of packing!  

With the woods all around, it "could" be a pretty good pool for skinnydipping.  How I'd know anything  about that I'm not really sure.....  ;-)  

I'll leave you back here relaxing while I get back to packing.  It was supposed to be kitchen packing day today, but we're still working in the den.  :( 


  1. OMG, you scared the bejeebers out of me with Sarge! Don't joke about such things! ugh!!! i hope he will not have a recurrance and can safely make it to his new cushy life in VA!

    laughed at the packing scenario yesterday. i'd have been grumpy too!!! :)

  2. Such a lovely home to be leaving behind. Just love it!


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