Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Packing and Outdoor Tour Part One

The magic wand is still awol and so Joe and I are  toiling packing away.

I made out a schedule of rooms to do each day (I'm a "list-maker") in order to finish with 2 days to spare and we're doing our best to stick to the plan.

Of course there are scads of other things odds and ends to fill our waking hours..... library returns, dry cleaning, safe deposit box..... The dogs went in for visits to the vet yesterday and Biggs is back there this morning getting his old teeth cleaned and a growth removed from his neck.  Joe doesn't have any growths on his neck, but he's headed to the orthodontist this afternoon!

The master bathroom, hall bathroom and closet under the stairs was packed away on Monday.  (I looked for him, but I didn't see any evidence of Harry Potter in the room under the stairs!).

Yesterday we finished the garden shed, everything else outdoors except for a few items that I'm still using, and the upstairs of the house.  Upstairs was mostly finished already so it just took a couple of hours there.

The closing has been delayed again and is now set for a week AFTER we've moved.  ;(  This caused us a lot of worry last night and we stewed for most of the evening trying to decide if we should change the moving date with United.  But in the end we've decided to keep moving ahead and just trust.... and pray and hope and have faith etc that all will work out.

Since we won't be here too much longer, how about a tour of the "old" house?  I'll take a few days to show you around the outside.

I'm standing in the front pasture here.  Can you believe that these trees were only about 3" in diameter and 7 feet tall when we bought the land in 1984?  

Come on up the driveway.....

You can see the barn straight ahead and the garden shed.

I did a  post last year about some of the camellias and the Magnolia Stellata that bloom in the winter along the driveway.

Judge Solomon azaleas and the pasture fence are on the left and a variety of trees and shrubs on the right (blueberries, fig, persimmon, Chinese Pistachio, oriental Magnolia, Oak, Loblolly Bay, Fringe Tree and more)

Pull into the parking bay.... there's the house and the raised wrap around porch.

The "Near East" crepe myrtles that encircle the end of the parking bay are just finishing their late summer bloom. 

In the winter their bare branches are lovely to look at... so "sculptural"!  

Look the other way and there's the vegetable garden and the cedar garden shed.... but don't go over there yet...

Instead go up the front walkway......

There's Sarge saying Hi from the front pasture.

Clark and Asher dug the front pond for me when they were just youngters!

I have a photo of them doing it,  but it's packed away with the scrapbooks already!

That's my day blooming waterlily that I ordered from Hawaii.

We laid every brick and planted every plant here....

Lots of love and care....

Make yourself comfortable on the front porch....and then we'll go walk around more outside tomorrow!

I'm off to pack!  Today's goal is to dismantle the roll top desk, pack Asher's room and the back coat closet and begin to get the living area of the horse trailer loaded.  

I'd rather be swinging on the porch swing with you!  


  1. What a beautiful home! I'm sure you're hating the thought of leaving it, but that your new home is just as beautiful or will be shortly!

  2. gosh, that's a beautiful place. and i'll pray that the closing will still go off without any issues, despite the delay and the worry it has caused you!

  3. You don't have to be present for the closing. We closed up here in Ill. when we sold the house in MO. For the lot in Wyoming (our house on the hill/mountain) we had the agent handle it. What a lovely place!

  4. What a wonderful property and so lovely to look at. Hope your moving goes as planned.

  5. Looks like a magnificent southern porch to be swinging on. I'd tell you to have fun packing, but it's really soooo not a fun job.

  6. Hey my friend I will never forget all of the good times we shared, but I am ready to start making new memories in Lexington. I cannot wait love you


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