Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Advance Moving Team

Since the buyers asked for a quick closing (2 weeks total) we've got a lot of work to do and the logistics of getting two trailers, a truck, Bernard the MINI, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 horses, the contents of the barn, workshop and garden shed, and a tractor to Virginia is a bit daunting.  

If all goes as scheduled, we've now got a week to go before the signing and then United Van Lines will come 7 days later.   (Please don't anyone write and tell me how United destroyed their furniture and lost all their beloved possessions.... I will put my fingers in my ears and pretend not to hear!) 

Over the past year we've moved several trailer and truck loads up to Virginia... and then there was the big Penske truck load so the rental house is pretty well set and comfortable.  But we've got a lot.... really, really a LOT of "stuff" still here.  And if we don't want to die of hernias then hiring professionals for the last 12K estimated pounds is a necessity.

But we've got a little more DIY left in us, so the advance moving team left this morning for Virginia!!

   .... No, Mr. Biggs isn't going, he just can't be anywhere but underfoot when he senses a trip being taken.  

 Clark doesn't start the new job for another week, so he came up from New Orleans to help.

After all, who could turn down a few free meals and the chance to drive a Penske for 15 hours? 

He's really pretty nice to his old parents! 
 The little yellow truck has several pieces of furniture that United was going to require crating (and we refused to pay United over $700.00 EACH to ship them), lots of books, and whatever else I could muster together on 2 days notice.

Following the Penske out of the driveway this AM went Joe driving our truck with a few small things inside (TV, mirrors etc) that would have cost us dearly to ship.... again the dreaded "crating charge."  

 In my next life I may come back as a crate maker or van lines owner!

The riding mower is peeking up from the bed of the truck.

In the smaller of our two horse trailers, Joe is hauling away almost all of the workshop tools and equipment.  

The plan is for them to unload, leave the small trailer up there and then they'll make the return trip together in our truck. 

Other than the fact that the house looks like a cardboard box factory exploded in the den, I'm making slow but steady progress on packing!  I'm dreading leaving the house behind, but I'm thrilled that we're about to change up our lives and follow a new dream! 

Stay tuned for more moving updates!


  1. I hope your moving goes well! It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff you accumulate over the years. Have a great weekend!

  2. How are the horses doing, speaking of trailers? ....

  3. hurray for helpful sons! awesome! sometimes just getting a few loads out of the way makes the rest of the packing go so much easier!!!

  4. I am all ears for your updates. A concern for me was always how to move a not so healthy horse and time it all just right, so as not to make her sicker the she was (not sick just really not was genetic) Since she is gone now, that worry is taken away...

    I hope your move goes smoothly (it sounds like it will) and As I said I look forward to your updates!

  5. Hope it goes well ... such excitement and new adventures!

  6. I just can't tell you how happy I am for you. It's hard living away from your husband. How well I know since I've done it a few times when he changed jobs and I had to stay behind waiting for our house to sell each time. Just soooo happy for you both!

  7. OMG! What an undertaking!! And you've sold your house -- the hardest part -- well maybe.

    Wish I could help. You have the right attitude -- it's a huge adventure. Welcome East!!

  8. Moving is never easy and then comes the unpacking. We may be facing a similar situation in a few years if and when we relocate. Reading about your experiences lets me know it can be done in a short timeframe.


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