Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Packing and Outdoor Tour Part Two

The packing continues!  Today the project was to get the barn and workshop cleaned out and to load the horse trailer.

I took a break to drive to Baton Rouge to get my hair cut (priorities you know!) and Joe is off to poker tonight where he's being feted with a going away cookout from the poker gang.

Saying goodbye to Nona who has been doing my hair for 27 years now was strange.  It's almost impossible to believe that I won't be coming back.  I had a lot to mull over on the way home..... it was my first "goodbye."  :(

Yesterday we packed Asher's room (which was once the nursery and in recent years has been the downstairs guest room) and the back coat closet.  Although that doesn't sound like we accompished much, we both had other errands to run and Mr. Biggs to deal with in the evening.

Bigg's routine tooth cleaning didn't go well.  He had a rough go with the anesthesia, and his veterinarian was quite concerned.  When we brought him home, he was still disoriented and distressed.... running into walls if we let him walk around unattended and severely agitated.  No more anesthesia for Mr. Biggs!!

After finally falling asleep at 11pm, he slept like a rock for 9 hours and woke up almost back to normal.  He's still wobbly at times, but spent the entire morning out at the barn with us today and seems to have regained his awareness of where he is etc. Whew!

Now to get back to the house tour!!!  I left you rocking and swinging on the front porch.

Go around the far side of the porch and out into the side garden.... there's Mr. Biggs waiting for you.
We've never had anyone do "work" for us.... we do the designing, the planting and yes, even the brick laying.  Joe poured the concrete foundation and I laid every brick you see.... one by one....  I had pretty much perfected my methods by the time that I was finished!

On one side of the main walkway is the herb garden area..... the kitchen window looks out at the circle.....

A dining/sitting area is on the other end with my much loved angel fountain.....

I gave a lot of thought to bringing the angel with us, but in the end I just couldn't imagine the corner without him and decided to let him stay behind to watch over the place.
 Across the driveway is the vegetable garden (which currently has ZERO vegetables... other than the asparagus bed).  It's surrounded by an antique cypress picket fence.

We are both proud of our design for the garden shed that Joe built about 10 years ago.  It has a cedar shake roof, a potting area on the right and is even cuter on the inside than it is from out here!

This last photo is looking back at the house from the garden shed.

I'll leave you hanging around out here until tomorrow!  Maybe you could do a little virtual weeding for me?

Mr. Biggs says he wants his dinner and I need to squeeze in another hour of packing before calling it a day.


  1. Always hard leaving the familiar behind and yet, the anticipation of newness can be exhilarating! Lovely photos!

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I can feel the love you have for this place, must be hard to leave. On to new adventures in brick laying!

  3. i hope mr. biggs will be okay. my sis's dog had a really bad reaction to the anesthetic and she vowed never to have her teeth cleaned again. (watch for stomach upset too!)

  4. and that brick courtyard is stunning!

  5. I enjoyed the tour so much! So beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful yard! I tried my hand at laying brick pavers a few years back and also got very good at it by the time I finished. Then I swore off ever doing that again!

    It's almost cold here today; 43 when I got my butt out of bed this morning with a stiff north wind. Perfect weather for walking the dogs and it's making them real frisky!

  7. I'm sorry you have to leave that paradise of a home.

    And yes, that packing up of the house and all you've done is a FORMIDABLE job!


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