Sunday, September 25, 2011

Driving, Driving....

All is still going along well with the drive up to VA

Last nights stay at Wadsworth Farm in Alabama couldn't have been nicer.

Super clean and neat, good grass for the horses and quiet.  Owner Julia was waiting for us when we arrived even thought of having wireless Internet out at the barn that we could access from the trailer.

We stopped for the night in Bristol VA!  YES...they let us across the border!!! :)

Tonight we're at another farm listed on, Knickerbocker Farm. We were able to turn the horses out in the grassy arena for a few hours before putting them in stalls. Owner Susan even drove out to meet us at the interstate so that we didn't need to worry about taking a wrong turn.   

Once again it's perfect for a nights layover and we are able to relax and not be worried about the horses. 

My patience is kaput from typing this on my phone!!

***Sent from my phone so blame any typos on my one finger typing!


  1. Pictures didn't link to the blog. At least on my computer. Maybe it's because of your phone.

  2. Whoops, Grace the photos didn't get through with the text. But glad to read the journey was moving along well. Never knew about hourse motels before, but it figures there would be places available for those with large "pets." Glad the kitty is having a good trip as well. Almost "welcome to VA"

  3. sadly, i couldn't see the photos either. but glad you're doing well!!!

  4. Have you passed by Roanoke on I-81 yet?? Wave and honk at me!

  5. You should be in VA now! I hope your move in is successful. Best wishes!


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