Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Agony of Packing Continues and Inside Tour Part One

The Coundown.
Moving Day..... 5 days away.
Closing..... 10 days.

Want to know the truth?  We're dying down here.

We woke up this morning with our muscles aching.  My lower back is giving me trouble and Joe's back and thumbs hurt (honestly, that's what he says!).

So after we stumbled out to the destruction that is now the kitchen, Joe went out to the horse trailer medicine cabinet and got us each a pre-breakfast appetizer of Aleve.

Yesterday we finished the den (behind schedule), so we didn't begin the kitchen until late in the afternoon.  Not surprisingly, we didn't get it finished.  But it'll get done eventually.... or else the new buyers will get a partially furnished home!

Aside from the packing, we're on a mission to use up food from the freezer and pantry so we're having some rather awesome concoctions.  Last night was pan-sauteed redfish (caught by a friend in the Gulf last month) and a crazy pasta and vegetable mish-mash that could never again be duplicated because of the wild assortment of odds and ends in there.  

We're also using up some of our propane supply by soaking in the hot tub for a few minutes before bed!

I'm wasting precious packing time on the blog not because I want to remember how tired I am, but because I want to put photos of the old house on the blog now and then when I'm gone.... I'll be gone.   Really gone.

I don't want to do this when I'm in Virginia.  Taking a house tour now is looking at the photos and saying what a nice place we managed to build as youngsters in our 20's and loving our home.  Because we do love it.  And because it's STILL our home.  If it weren't in Zachary LA we'd never be thinking of leaving what we've created and nurtured.

But to do this after we'd moved would seem like I was mourning what I had left behind and I don't want to do that!  After we move, it'll be all photos of the new house and the sights of Virginia!

But come on in.  You don't want to see what it all looks like today!  It would be hard to see the walls for the boxes,  so most of these photos are from a few months ago when we were keeping things all neat for house showings.

Remember how there was a wrap-around porch on the house?  Well it wraps around the dining room and since we're all friends and family here, you'll probably be walking up the side walkway and coming in the kitchen door.

I love the kitchen!

Okay, true....I love everything about the house!
Except where it's located!  :)

The back side of the island is "command central"!  Where all of the action happens..... Looking out and left and right....

I've always had a triple sink and will be putting one in the new house too!

The kitchen is mostly unchanged since the mid 80's, except for tearing out the rose colored tile and installing granite and a new backsplash.  I miss my tile, but I followed the rest of the herd over the cliff and installed the granite when we decided to sell.  
Here's the corner step-in pantry and the back door.  There's a half bathroom, coat closet and laundry room back there.

Joining the kitchen is the dining room.... lots of good meals have been eaten in there!  Open to the kitchen and yet just slightly isolated enough that no one ever threw backpacks or keys on the table.  Plenty of windows.  
The curved glass piece in the corner came from my father's family and it's the only piece that I have from the Brunsons.  It's one of the ones that the movers wanted $700 apiece to crate!!!! 

The sideboard, table and chairs were my great-grandmother's for whom I'm named.  They were originally in Iowa so have been well travelled!   

That's it for today!



  1. You're smart to take photos now, wish I'd done the same but it's too late now. Be safe and enjoy VA; I love this Commonwealth!

  2. hurray for ALEVE!!! :) i like how you explained why you're taking the time to show us this how now - not later. a nice end to this chapter while you're still living it.


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