Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Didn't Tell You About August

August will be history in just a few hours.  I talked about many of the high points of the month here on the blog, but I wanted a few more memories to go down in history....
  • Not to be forgotten was Ada and Tim's 50th wedding anniversary party!  You don't get to attend one of those everyday and it was a treat!  Such wonderful friends.... I wish I could convince them to move to Virginia!

  • After bragging about all of the rain that we had in July that gave us such an awesome mushroom crop, we haven't had a drop of rain the entire month of August.  Once again we're in a bubble where it rains all around us, but misses the neighborhood.  I can water the gardens and lawn, but every day being above 95, and many at 100 and above, is taking its toll on the horse pasture.  
  • Joe lost a dear friend this month.  Jay Hogue was a business partner and friend who passed away in mid August.  At his funeral elegy, a friend commented that he had never heard Jay speak poorly of anyone.  What a rare quality to have in this world where we are all (myself included) so quick to gossip, condemn, jump to conclusions and pigeon-hole people.  
  • Our switch to a new realtor has been a wise choice.  We've had several good showings this month and are hopeful that we've got something in the works.  
  • I haven't mentioned the world's greatest Jack Russell Terrier lately, but he's still plugging along and turned 15 1/2 this month.  Though Mr. Biggs hasn't gotten the paper since retiring from active duty on his 15th birthday, he's still fairly active and is keeping the bed warm at night as usual.  Just for the record..... we're all crazy about the little fellow.  :)
What am I doing today to say farewell to the month of August?
I wish I could say that I'm having my nails done, relaxing by the pool or almost anything other than what I'm shackled to for the next few hours.....

The Dreaded and Long Ignored Stash of Ironing. 

You know it's bad when I bring in a stool.  

Sadly it isn't all caviar and champagne around here!  


  1. LOL! i refuse to iron! if i can't smooth it out when i put it on, i don't wear it! :)

    sorry for the loss of your friend. how sweet...

  2. I think THE BOSS has an iron stashed somewhere around here but I haven't seen her use it in years. Jeans and t-shirts get folded and put away straight out of the dryer so they won't wrinkle. In colder weather it doesn't matter if clothes are a little wrinkled......with camo you can't tell:-)

  3. Ironing? Not any more unless something is really, really wrinkled. Everything we wear is wash & wear. I saw ironing for the curtains when the wrinkles don't seem to fall out.

  4. I'm another who does not iron. I believe there is an iron in my hall closet and a few things in there that have been waiting to be ironed for several years. I should probably get rid of them.

  5. And what am I doing to say good-bye to August (and this summer)??? I'M EXHALING!!! :)

    Glad you have had some sweet moments. (And I love Mr. Biggs!)

  6. Hope the home news is good news :)
    So sorry for the loss of your good friend, and yes-those are qualities rarely found. You were lucky to know him!
    xo, misha


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