Monday, August 29, 2011

Naming Game

It's easy to understand why she was named "Cloud."

Dreamaker's Silver Cloud to be precise. 

Although if she keeps up her assault on this alleyway post, she may be renamed "Beaver."


He came with that name, but he's not a bossy Drill Sergeant that's for sure.

 Mild mannered and gentle.  

His registered name is Cimron San Diego Sojourn.  

Say What?! 

 Talk about an odd name for a Tennessee Walking Horse born and bred in Texas.  

I know it would have been awfully predictable, 

but honestly, I'd have been hard pressed not to have called him "Diamond."


  1. Why do I love the phrase 'Tennessee Walking Horse'? She's lovely! St Joe doesn't mind--it's one of those Catholic things we do, like crossing ourselves when an ambulance goes by, or lighting a vigil light. I changed my setting, didn't know there was such a beast. If not, I can be reached at (numbers, etc) I'll dig you out of the email scrubber.

  2. Sarge's diamond is pretty impressive and symmetrical. I had no idea Cloud was eating the posts!! Now I know. Thanks blog.

  3. I love their colors. Are they eating the posts or rubbing their behinds? I like Cloud; very different color. What kind of riding do you do with them?

  4. I like the name Sarge! And Cloud is sweet too :)
    Have you done the "hot sauce thing* on the pole? Worked for Annie!
    xo, misha


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