Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mushroom Mania

After several years of drought, we've had rain, rain and more rain this summer. 
(Sorry,  to my Texan friends!)

In addition to giving us a decent stand of pasture grass for the horses, the daily showers have nurtured a bumper crop of mushrooms!

I shot all these photos over a 2 day period all within about a 50 yard radius near the barn.  They range from 8" across to quarter sized, meaty to flimsy and delicate.
When I was in high school it was common for the "hippies" to invade the cow pastures at certain times of the year looking for the hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow on manure in Louisiana fields.  
I never learned to tell the different varieties apart but so far I haven't noticed Sarge and Cloud zoned out in a trance and I'm hoping that they have enough sense to stay away from any toxic ones!!


  1. yes, i'm jealous, but thanks for sharing 'moisture in bloom' with us! :)

  2. You haven't noticed any little blue beings hanging out around them 'shrooms, have you? If so, them's the "special ones"!

  3. Aren't mushrooms just the cutest? Haven't seen any out on our hill this summer. Guess it hasn't been wet enough.

  4. I love mushrooms! Great pics!

  5. Great shots! Thanks for sharing those.

  6. I found you on Tales From the Coop...and actually I clicked on your name by accident (computer not co-operating this morning)
    It caught my eye because I would like to make a similar move someday, but it might just have to be alone!

    Anyway, I LOVE mushrooms!! The colors shapes and variety are amazing...I am covered with mushrooms in the garden and lawn this year...maybe its all the manure??

    Great pictures...(I subbed to you)


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