Friday, August 19, 2011

Main Floor Progress (Week 15)

I was pretty shocked when I opened these photos from Joe and saw how much progress had been made..... house wrap, waterproofing started on the basement, and more walls on the main floor! 

Starting from farther away in the front.... the above photo is take from near the edge of the road.  It's a small gravel lane with only six houses past ours.  If we'd have had our druthers, we'd have pushed the house back but the lay of the land wouldn't let us go farther out on the point without major hillside reworking.

 Those who excel at those "what's different" photos will note that the portapotty has changed color and has migrated to the front yard!  What can I say?  I'm hundreds of miles away and poring over every photo dozens of times!!!!

Below is a closer photo of the front.  
Aren't the little square windows neat?

It's a monster from the back!  
The deep porch will wrap around the back; you can see the footings for it.  
The open area where the ladder is will be the chimney.  Lower level is the outdoor fireplace and upper/main floor fireplace will be inside the den with the flues sharing the same chimney structure.  

Come inside!  
Here's the den. 
The fireplace will fill the center section and flanking it are two pairs of glass french doors to go out onto the upper porch.  For a sense of scale the french doors will be almost 9' tall!   

And here's a corner of our bedroom.

Picture window, glass doorway to the upper porch and a bedside window.

Joe has nothing but good things to say about the people who are building for us, not only our contractor but the individual craftsmen and workers.

The other word from Joe is that rooms are seeming smaller now that they are getting walled in, except for the kitchen which still appears huge.  


  1. Oh, I so love watching construction go up. I'd be wanting to be there every day. When we did a major remodel on our home a few years back, I spent every morning and afternoon there!

  2. i know you're excited to see the progress. love the views you will get from your new windows!

  3. Ha! I did notice the porta-potty :)
    I love these updates, keep'em coming!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    xo, misha

  4. I know this must be so exciting. When do you think things will be complete?

  5. Oh, man, sitting out on the porch with a cup of coffee and gazing at that view in the morning will be wonderful, won't it? After all my years living "in the flatlands" I just can't take my eyes off these grand old mountains.

    Oh yes, just to give you a hint of things to come, on the hottest days up here we run the A/C for 3 or 4 hours at the most in the hottest part of the afternoon. Then we open the windows, turn on a fan or two and we're very comfortable. The last few nights I've had to turn the fans off before going to bed because I was getting COLD!


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