Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Progress: Main Floor Walls (Week 14)

The Virginia house is taking shape.  Joe has been here in Louisiana for about 10 days now and will be returning to VA soon.  

But Tom (our patient photographer builder) sent these photos yesterday!

You can see that we still have our plank though it has moved from the front door to the mud room entry.    We aren't going for the moat and castle effect, it'll just be a while before the front basement wall is backfilled.
The corner walls that you see going up are for our master bedroom!

Below is another view of the main floor... the concrete wall in front is the back corner of the garage.  Above the little cutout window in the basement wall is the kitchen.  The  bumpout is for the huge kitchen window. 

And finally the last of the photos .... Use your imagination with that hole in the floor and you can see the staircase going down to the basement with the foyer on the left. 

We've had one more showing of the house here in Louisiana this month, but it was just a curious looker who should have been weeded out before the showing so unfortunately nothing will come of it. 

Our hopes are still that one of the two potential buyers who say they definitely want our house will manage to sell their house and we'll all be able to move forward.  Isn't there someone somewhere who will buy a house and set this chain of events in motion?!


  1. Fun to watch your house being built ... sending vibes for that house to get sold!!!!

  2. Anticipation mixed with disappointment, Grace, as you watch your new home being built and your present one is still available. Hope that one of those potential buyers sells. Glad you and Joe had some time together.

  3. Sell Sell Sell Sell.... good things happen for those who wait, but the waiting sure is crappy.

  4. Your new house is looking good and those views are spectacular!
    Hope you can sell soon.


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