Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School

Carter began his Kindergarten experience back in the mid 80's, and nonstop for the past 25+ years, at least one of the four sons has been headed off somewhere to start cramming their brains full of knowledge in August.

Every year I'd get out there and snap some photos on the driveway.  The crape myrtles by the parking bay bloom in August and so there was usually a backdrop of watermelon colored blossoms that remained constant though the four boys grew and changed.  

Backpacks in hand and often laden with bags of school supplies, they took a moment to pose before heading down the driveway to climb aboard the bus or getting behind the wheel of their car.  Bless their hearts, they were pretty patient even when they were leaving for college or in the throes of those cranky teenaged years in high school!  

With Clark's graduation from college last spring, our unbroken streak of educating the young has come to an end and so I almost didn't have a first day of school photo that I could share with you.

That's ALMOST!  

Clark proved to be quite capable of carrying on family traditions when he informed fiancee Raeanna that "first day of school pictures" might be something that they would like to have 50 years from now.  

And since she's becoming part of the family.......

He lined her up on their front porch last week

and then got the requisite getting in the car shots as she headed off to her first day of classes.....

 at Medical School!!!  

What an adventure! 

 Med School is spoken of as a rigorous, demanding experience but there's not a doubt in my mind that she's just the one to take on the challenge and finish still smiling and at the top of her class.  

Isn't the future Doctor/future Daughter-in-Law pretty darn sweet to let me brag about her on the blog?

Oh, I'm so excited for her!!!   

(Good work, Clark!  On both the photos and on finding such a lovely young lady!)


  1. she's a beauty, and obviously brilliant too! :)

  2. Adorable! Wishing her all he best in the world. It will be a long haul but so worth it!

  3. Glad to see your tradition has continued, Grace. She is indeed a very pretty and obviously capable young woman.

  4. You are obviously unaware that in Virginia Redneck "Bless his heart" is the way polite ladies say "That boy ain't right!" I've hear that A LOT!

    Our little one took off across the yard on the first day of kindergarten and climbed on the bus so fast we didn't get a picture or even a glance back and a wave at her mother who was bawling her eyes out. She continued that tradition all the way through high school but did pose for a picture with the old folks at graduation.

  5. Funny how they so quickly adopt those 'irritations' as traditions of their own! I think it's wonderful and Raeanna is a good sport!!

  6. That's fantastic! I will have to get a shot of my "first day of school" when I go back this semester.

  7. What a wonderful tradition. Raeanna is a lovely and obviously intelligent girl. Good luck to her.

  8. Med school is going great so far. I'm glad it's the weekend because I have work to catch up on even though we just started! Love the post...thanks for the feature!

  9. Good luck this year, work hard, play hard and don't forget to smile and enjoy the ride.. I was hoping for pics when the kids were little. They grow up way to fast. Grace I still have several 1st days of school. Except I am not around to snap any photos:( love to all.........

  10. Glad to see the tradition carry on; I think she fits right in!


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