Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Travels

It's been a while since I did a family oriented post so I'll intersperse some photos while we catch up with the various family vagabonds. 
  • Joe and I are perfecting our long distance relationship.  Since early June, he's been going back and forth from LA to VA every two weeks.   Our VA rental home has become his bachelor pad.  It's a perfect home to rent while we're building.  

Joe went back to VA two days ago, so we'll be burning up the phone lines for the next two weeks trying to stay in touch.  After only 48 hours, he's already out of the loop and is forgetting what home is like ......  Last night he asked, "Is it still hot there?"   Duuuuhhhhh!  What kind of question is that?  Is the Pope a Catholic?  This is August in Louisiana!  It's in the high 90's.  It's always in the 90's (or worse) in August.    Two days of being in cooler weather has gone to his head!

Tomorrow I'll post some new photos of the house on the hill!
  • Carter sounds as though he'll have some good tales to tell about his third summer spent as a flyfishing guide at a lodge in Alaska.  He has pay phone access once a week when he goes into the village to pick up the new group of clients.  We keep telling him how glad we are that he isn't suffering through the 100+ degree days in Little Rock.                                                                 Here's a photo that he took while in Alaska last year.....
  • The "When Brothers Meet Brothers" clause was put into effect for the first time in quite a while when Asher flew to San Francisco on business.  The B-M-B clause is that Joe and I will pay for a dinner out whenever two or more of the brothers get together in the same city.  There have been a few times when major detours were taken in order to claim the free meal so it's been a success in fostering visits between the far flung brood.
               Here are the west coast and east coast sons at their all expenses paid dinner!
  • Since Joe flew into the New Orleans airport two weeks ago, we took advantage of being in New Orleans and caught up with Clark and Raeanna by taking them out to dinner at Vincents on St. Charles Avenue.  Apparently as soon as they waved goodbye to us from their porch, they picked up their already packed suitcases (probably hidden under the bed!) and left (at 10pm) to drive through the night 16 hours to Key West!   No mention was made of this imminent journey during our dinner because they wanted to surprise us with this photo sent the next day.....
    Yep,  we were most definitely surprised that the couple we had just dined with was now 1,000 miles away instead of 90!       
    Does anybody think there is a touch of his mother in that young man???  And isn't it nice that Raeanna seems to have a bit of traveler in her too in order to fit in with this crazy group?
    • The day after seeing the unexpected Key West photos,  I received an email with a few photos from Owen and Kathleen who had taken a long weekend away from the city to drive up to Crater Lake and Lava Beds National Parks.  Here's Kathleen looking like she's posing in front of a green screen or fake mural, but Crater Lake really is that blue and surreal looking.

    So the Bay Area duo has been to Oregon and Northern CA; the New Orleans couple has been to the farthest reaches of Florida; the Arkansas son is in Alaska; the NYC son was in San Francisco and my Louisiana husband is becoming a Virginian!!   


    1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos... you have such a great looking family I must say! That's not a bad looking rental house either, if a person were looking to downsize that is. But, so much nicer than him being stuck in some awful hotel room while he's in our lovely state.

      Any nibbles on your house sale lately? Or maybe I shouldn't ask.

    2. such a family to keep tabs on! travel is in your blood, for sure!

    3. Love Key West! But, those buoys always give me the creeps. 90 miles to Fidel Castro!
      Awesome pics and post. I learn more about you and the fam every day :)
      xo, misha

    4. Love it, wow you taught them well Grace, they all love to travel. Miss you love ya Cath

    5. Great post! I'm not going out to the Hamptons this weekend, since it's not beach weather here. Too much rain. Chris and I are our way up to Saratoga for the weekend.


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