Friday, August 12, 2011

Equine Love Bites

These two are acting like they've known each other for years.

When I look out in the pasture, I'm as likely to see them scratching and nibbling on each other as grazing

You can see how tall Sarge is in this first photo.  Though Cloud is a nice average height, it looks like I'm on a Shetland pony when we ride together.

Sorry for the grainy look, but I shot these from far away with my phone when I was out getting the mail.

With such a strong red manly fellow around to scratch her shoulders, Ms. Cloud isn't missing her Arkansas mare friends too much!


  1. I love to see horses grooming each other. There's such an endearing quality about it. Who is the doggie on your header?

  2. oh, that's awesome! NONE of my horses would ever scratch each other like that. mares vs gelding and no one would show 'the love'. :)

  3. Really sweet that Sarge and Ms Cloud are such good friends, Grace. Amazing too that you can photograph with your phone. Ours are not really great on photos, but then that's why I have a camera :-)

  4. Bonding..Love it!
    Glad they have company....

  5. That is so interesting...I've not seen horses do this before! Very good phone photos!

  6. Love those pics! Allegra and Allure are wither kissers! Mama and daughter adore one another!
    Thanks for the smile :)
    xo, misha


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