Sunday, August 21, 2011

Building The House .... Time Lapse Video

One reason for taking regular photos of the house has been our plan to have a time lapse taken from several spots showing start to finish.

So ..... 

Drumroll please!!  Here's the first time lapse video of the construction!

Sadly I can take no credit for this since Joe was the one who put it all together yesterday.   

Enjoy and stay tuned for more...

PS If you have your sound on you'll hear good old Louisiana boy Jerry Lee Lewis singing about Virginia.  Quite appropriate, don't you think?


  1. oh, i know this makes you anxious to get on with it already! soon, dearie, soon...

  2. Nice video! Bet you had fun putting it together too and the music is PERFECT!

  3. What a nice video ... it's almost like being there!

  4. Love your video! The song is so appropriate.

  5. That peak just a hair left of center looks awful familiar.

  6. Great video and it will be nice to have to remember what used to be there and all the work that went into it!

  7. This will be some house when it's completed. Thanks for sharing part of the journey with us, Grace.


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