Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breaking the Blog Ice

No, it's not cold enough to freeze down here in Louisiana, but I've allowed the blog to ice over without posting for the past 10 days.

There has been plenty to blog about both good and bad.... serene peaceful days counterbalanced with some ailments;  funeral services offset with joyful mornings in the garden; loving pets and a few annoying critters;  physical distance between family and dinners with friends; chores done in the Louisiana August heat and languid afternoons in the pool.... it's all been part of the last 10 days.  But somehow I just haven't been able to write.

Does anyone else who blogs ever have times when it gets progressively harder with each passing day to return to the keyboard and type out what you are seeing, feeling and experiencing?

Something snagged inside me last week and I allowed the gloom to creep in and get a foothold.

I'll step into the internet confessional now..... At the beginning of the summer, we hit the one year mark of having the house up for sale.  I've tried hard not to let that anniversary bother me.

But the truth?  ...... It bothered me.

It's a royal pain having our house not sell.  It's wearing and it's taxing to the spirit.

It's as though I've got something that nobody wants..... something that I love and see beauty in.... something that I've poured my heart into for the past quarter of century and now is just a flat one dimensional listing on the MLS.

We've had about 18 showings spread out over the past 15 months and although the place gets consistently rave reviews it hasn't sold and so we're still here carrying on the daily business of taking care of the house and land.

Each date on the calendar serves to remind me that I didn't think I'd experience another summer, July Fourth, blueberry season, fig season, start of school etc in Louisiana.  And conversely I didn't think that I'd spend another year NOT experiencing those events for the first time in Virginia.

There I said it.... whew, I feel better! 

The blog ice has been broken.... 

And now it's time to saddle up my pony and keep plugging along down the road until one day I get to that fork that I keep expecting!


Thanks for listening!  


  1. Oh Lord, have I ever! There's been more than one occasion when I couldn't come up with a word or even come up with the energy to lift a camera and when I did shoot nothing was good enough.

    As for the house not selling, there are houses here that seem to have been up for sale for years and back home it looks like every other house is on the market. To coin a phrase, "It's the economy."

  2. It truly is the economy. I was so worried when Hubby talked about changing jobs and going to another state. I felt panicked and am so glad that he has settled down at work. I simply could not imagine trying to sell a house at this time. So sorry your house is not moving ..... I don't think you are in that boat alone... I think it's a very large boat filled with people just like you waiting to sell. :-(

  3. I'm sorry you've been feeling blue. But that's part of life, so no need to apologize for it. And I'm sorry things are taking a lot longer than you anticipated. Hard to sit by and say "God has a plan..." Fingers crossed it'll all work out...

  4. My nephew is in the same boat as you and they finally decided to rent their home in NC, so they get on with the kids in school in GA. It's such a bummer. I know there is a family out there to take your beautiful home that you have loved; they just haven't found you yet. Yes, its hot here in the Carolinas, too hot!! And,yes again, I think we all get bloggitis. Debi

  5. Brave to put your feelings out there to all. That takes courage. It's not so much about you and your home, but an economy that is rather stagnant now. It will pass ... just painful when you are in the midst of it.

  6. Grace you are gut wrenching honest, and I love you for that. It is not your home, it is this fricking economic recession my friend. I love your home. Turn up your emotional energy. We have to get you to Virgina. Love you

  7. As hard as it can be to step away, don't take it personally. The economy is in the dumps and is going to get worse.

    Has your realtor asked folks who said they loved the house what it would take for them to buy it?

    As stupid as it sounds, sometimes it's something that you would be willing to do in a heartbeat but to the buyer it's a major thing that they can't imagine you would be willing to do. I had this happen with a 1930's stove in perfect working order, the buyer wanted it so badly but didn't think I would leave it with the house. I sold the house with the stove as soon as I found out what was holding up the deal.

  8. Grace, as Texwis Girl said, there's never a need to feel "bad" about not blogging and feeling down. It happens to most folks at one time or another. Some days I can't think of what to post and at other times, there are so many ideas swirling about. The continuing angst over the failure of your LA house to sell is of course an anguish...how come others don't feel the same about your house and want to buy it? We may be facing a similar situation in a couple of yours as we're thinking of a possible future move, but in this current economy we worry too whether we can possibly manage. One thought is to possibly list your house online with one of those "FSBO" For Sale by Owner sites. Meanwhile, you should keep thinking positively and balance the good with the bad in life and sometimes that's so much easier said then done..


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