Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boneheaded Lookers (and their realtor)

I spent a full day in Baton Rouge last week running errands and then hitting the Borders going out of business sale.  My arms are now 2" longer after hauling around the load of books.  Seriously there were so many good titles still available that I had to force myself to sort through my basket and leave some behind.  I "only" bought 14 books!  But I digress.....

It was a perfect day to have someone else do most of the cooking so I stopped at Tony's and bought a few boiled crabs to have for dinner.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I also bought a container of banana pudding!

After piling all of my day's purchases on the kitchen island,  I popped an ear of corn in the microwave, got out my crab claw crackers and some paper towels, opened a Samuel Adams Summer Ale, placed my lovely HUGE crabs on a plate and prepared to enjoy a delicious solo dinner.  (Remember that Joe is still in Virginia)

Then I noticed a car in the parking bay and a rather large woman walking up the front walkway.   She was then joined by a rather large man who turned out to be her husband and another man who turned out to be their realtor.  It was 5:45 pm.

The listing clearly states that the house is occupied and that our realtor needs to pre-approve showings.... yet they were ready to try the lockbox and walk in the front door unannounced!!  After a discussion out on the front porch where I tried to convince them that they needed to come back another time (my beer was getting warm and the bed wasn't made) they whined and wheedled and acted so pathetic and confused that I told them to look around outside while I picked up tumbleweeds of German Shepherd hair and made the bed.

Such a dumb, dumb idea.  I should have stuck to my guns and told them to come back with an appointment.

During their brief tour of the interior of the house, the husband, who had earlier told me that they weren't horse people, asked in all seriousness ....... if the two horses and the larger trailer they had seen while outside were included in the sale of the house!!!!!!!

Can you even imagine??

Did they think I was selling an amusement park?  A dude ranch?  It was all I could do to sound polite as I told him "No"

We've had about a showing a week this month.  Two buyers still want the house as soon as their local houses sell.  AND the couple with whom we had a purchase agreement last spring came back two weeks ago.  We were told that they are reconsidering, have their current house listed and may be ready to actively pursue interim financing.

I'll close this with a photo of a dragonfly who was on the cypress picket fence the other day.... I recently learned that dragonflies are a symbol of luck in China.  So fingers crossed, candles lit, lucky rabbits foot stroked and whatever else you can do.... maybe we'll have a sale before fall.


  1. beautiful photo of that lucky thing! oh, i'd have been mad that my great dinner was ruined! what doofuses! truly hoping a real buyer will emerge soon!

  2. How soon is your Virginia house due to be complete?

    I cannot believe you let those people in the house. Can't believe they had the gall to ask you either... sheesh.

  3. I love the picture of the dragonfly! Hope you find buyers for your house soon and that you don't have to put up with many more boneheaded lookers.

  4. Love the dragonfly, too! Just found your blog this morning while getting my family out the front door. Went back to October! Question--did you bury poor St. Joe upside down? That's what we did with both houses in MO, and they sold way too quick.

  5. Hi Jeannemarie! Thanks for coming to the blog! I couldn't respond directly to you since you are listed as "no-reply" on your google blog reader settings.
    No I just couldn't bring myself to bury him upside down. I know that is an "accepted" thing but it made me a little squemish! Maybe that's our problem!!

  6. There is no such thing as too many books!

  7. Hi Grace, that realtor should have been taken to task for at the very least making your lovely dinenr go cold and warming the beer - no excuse for that! Sounds like that couple were "just lookers" so I would hope the realter can pan out others before popping in. And that was a lovely DF capture.

  8. And yes,one can never pass up a good book sale. I shop regularly at the thrift stores and local library and at prices of 25 cents to $1 it doesn't msatter if I ever get to read the books, give them away or bring them back to the thrift stores...just having them is wonderful!


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