Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Be Prepared

When driving 8 hours to see friends who also "happen" to have a horse for sale, a wise person brings along their horse trailer.

Just in case.

 Because you never know who you might find wanting to come back with you!

Will post tomorrow after we get home and settled!


  1. Come leave a comment on my blog for the Fairy Hobmother! I did and won a $50 Amazon Gift Cert. Seriously.. come comment and leave your wish.


  2. I'm putting a rifle rack in my truck.....just in case I need to haul some guns home. There are still a couple of empty spots in the vault. I already have a horse masquerading as a dog.

  3. I'm jealous! Love to have a horse again...

  4. I love Cloud. She's very pretty and nice. Keep remembering to ride her. It was good seeing ya'll this weekend.


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