Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still Building and More Showings

The Virginia house is still moving along.  Joe should be headed back up there in a week or so.

We've threatened not to pay Tom (our contractor) until he sends some photos.  He thinks I'm kidding!  Apparently he doesn't know how serious I am about this blog thing and documenting the progress of the house!

Really I am joking (sort of), but I'd sure like some photos.  :(

We've had several showings here in the past month with two definite possibilities.  One couple (no kids.... our age) says they want it, but their home has to sell first.  Their house is already on the market and priced in a lower range than ours, so who knows?

Today's showing was to a younger couple with 3 kids; finally a family with kids, Hooray!!!  Of course it was the standard "They loved it."  But apparently they loved it enough to be spurred into putting their house on the market in the next two weeks.

Both couples were told that we wouldn't accept a contingency offer so the race is on to see which of their houses will sell first, or if a dark horse will swoop in unexpectedly and take the prize.

I'm hoping for the young family with kids, but Joe is being much more pragmatic and simply wants a clean offer from someone still breathing and able to hobble in to sign the papers at closing!

Thought I'd share a snapshot from one of the kitchen windows; I marvel at the fact that my knees never protested when I laid all of those bricks!  I'll miss my little garden shed when we finally move!


  1. You want I should call my ex-wife's brothers in Jersey and have them pay Tom a little visit? "Listen up, Tommy boy, the lady of the house wants pictures so if yous don't want to end up sleepin' wid da fishes...capice?"

  2. laughing at chip's offer. :)

    LOVE your beautiful garden, shed and pump. so pretty. :)

  3. Hoping your house sells soon.. Good grief, something has GOT to turn this real estate market around one of these days.

  4. Very pretty garden and shed. Hope you get buyers for your house quickly.

  5. Hope one of those prospective buyers comes through with cash in hand. COngrats too on the new horse; she looks lovely. And yes we will all be waiting for new house pics too...Hey Chip we're from NJ too.

  6. What a charming garden - I'd miss it too! You've put alot of work into it. But Oh, the view you are about to have :-)


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