Monday, July 11, 2011

Easily Amused

Sunday was Joe's birthday and we celebrated with a trip to Greece!  No passports required and civil unrest wasn't a problem!

Joe stretched out the celebration to cover two nights.  On Saturday, Clark and Raeanna came to town and I had barely recovered from the chips, Margarita and big meal at Superior Grill that night when it was time to go out 24 hours later with the "usual" Sunday night dinner gang.

We got a little giddy taking photos in front of the mural at Serops and joking about our whirlwind trip to Greece.

Snapping away with our assortment of cell phones, we had a hilarious few minutes posing for our "travel photos" after dinner. I'm sure there were a few snide looks from more stuffy diners but we paid no attention!

Building the new house means that a Greek restaurant is the closest that we'll come to the Mediterranean!.... And that's really okay with both of us especially since we spent the evening with dear friends!

Now that I think of it,  Clark and Raeanna also took a European trip of sorts this weekend!  They participated in the Running of the Bulls on Saturday.

How did they get from Pamplona to our house in only a few hours?

Only in New Orleans would 10,000 people dress up in red and white to run through the streets at 8 AM in the July heat.  Though the Mimosas and Bloody Mary's apparently make the early hour and temperature bearable.

And the bulls?  Well the "bulls" are over 300 Roller Derby Girls on skates, wearing huge horned hats and swinging plastic bats. Yep.  That's what I said.  I'll say it again.... Only in New Orleans!


  1. You had me for a second there. I thought... WOW, GREECE! Brave, right now.

  2. roller derby girls ROCK! how fun is that!?

    love the 'travel' photos!

  3. Ya, you had me going with your trip to Greece comments too! Looks like you have a blast even if your feet never left the good old USA.



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