Sunday, July 10, 2011

Domino Effect


               I know I really shouldn't be sleeping here on the rug.

                But Mr. Biggs is touching my bed.

                I can't sleep on my big 48" dog bed and ask him to move if he's touching the edge

                .... because he's sort of in charge.

               Even if I do outweigh him by 85 pounds.
               So I'm on the rug.

               It's easier this way.

Mr. Biggs: 

       I'm sleeping in the crack between the two beds.

       I'd rather be nestled in my little plaid bed.

       But someone else is in it and I don't want to touch her when I sleep.

      A few years ago, I would have made her move.

      Now that I'm 15, I'll take the path of least resistance and let her alone.  

       It's easier this way.


Noel:  I'm very comfortable.

Dogs, schmogs.

Orvis should market these as Cat Beds.



  1. oh that is precious!!! adorably cute!!!

  2. Our home is one giant dog bed!


  3. Yeah Grace,
    That's how it goes! :) It's amazing that a smaller dog (One that is older especially) is treated with so much respect. I only wish human society was the same... We would all get along much better and the world would be better for it. Isn't it just like a cat's personality to push the dominos in the other direction and shape their environment how they want! I think we can learn from both taos. Confucious says" Let sleeping Cats lie alone!", for now anyway...


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