Friday, July 15, 2011

Cloud Update

Getting a photo of her is a bit challenging..... here I'm zoomed out as far as I can go.  She literally fogged up the lens with her breath! 

She's  discovered the joy of rolling in the dirt and mud.  She especially likes to get sweaty and then roll in the dirt thereby creating an instant mud shield over her entire body. 

When you have to give a bath BEFORE riding, you know you're dealing with a dirty horse.  

She and Sarge are getting along like old buds.

Well not quite like old buds.... Sarge spent so long being Number Two under Bree that he's trying hard to be the top dog now.  They graze near each other and touch each other hesitantly, but there is still the occasional pinned back ears and nasty look from Sarge that will send her moving away.

After taking the above photos, I walked around the house and there were a pair of the "short-tailed" horses grazing by the barn.   They sauntered away when I walked closer, not even bothering to duck into the woods until they reached the other side of the pasture. 

There hasn't been much riding going on because it seems that whenever I've got free time to ride.....

Glorious rain!!!

This is the wettest July that we've had in years!  It's almost like the old days when we could count on daily showers.  For the last 5 summers we've had to water the pasture with sprinklers just to try and keep some grass growing.

So while it may be cutting into riding time on Cloud, I am NOT complaining! 


  1. The old coat of mud to keep the flies from biting trick. THE BOSS is an unbeliever so I have to wash it off before coming to bed at night.

    Buddy loves to roll in the grass which is a constant battle for us. We kill the fleas, he goes out, rolls in the grass and brings a new batch in. The worst part is enough survive the trip through the door to drop a new batch of eggs before they succumb. Man, I can't wait for snow!

  2. Lots of rain here too lately on the VA eastern shore. Nice not to have to water the vegetable garden and flowers, but the zucchini, squash, and cucumbers are proliferating with the wet and humid weather.

  3. oh you are so lucky to have rain! we're in severe drought here. my horses would LOVE some good mud to roll in!

    she's a beauty, that cloud...

  4. lucky you with rain!!! the horses are gorgeous!

  5. I don't have horses, but I rarely complain about the rain. It smells great and makes for great photos too! Love the last shot.


  6. We've had adequate rain so far this summer. Nice pictures! I loved seeing the progress on your house.

  7. Beautiful pool area! love these photos, especially Sarge and Cloud in the rain.

  8. We've been having a lot of rain too but hear the sun is headed our way, right after it finishes with Kansas.

  9. Hi,
    I'm glad to see your blog.
    Deer and water lily grabbed me. Because I just took their pictures yesterday. There are a lot of deer in Nara Park near here. They don't run away if we approach them .They are used to tourist very much.
    I like your water lily.The trace of raindrops are cool!

  10. Love the horses in the rain! Ours head for the gate and scream, "Bring us back in the barn!" Woosies :)
    Have a wonderful week!
    xo, misha


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