Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blog Blather.... Tweaks and Facebook!

I've spent hours "fiddling" with my blog over the last two days.  I've got the freedom to stay up guilt-free until all hours of the night because Joe is in Virginia again.

He's been up there for three days.... with my camera, I might add.  But have I seen any photos of the new house?  Noooooo.  We've talked regularly, but he's forgetting that a picture is worth a thousand words!

He is susceptible to internet peer pressure so I'm betting that within a few hours, I'll have pictures in my mailbox.

But back to my blog fiddling.....  I've had a couple of people (don't worry I won't tell the world who you are!) who can't seem to figure out how to post comments because they don't have Google accounts.

They email me directly that they think they've finally succeeded and then nothing comes through, they lose their posts and after several attempts they get frustrated and give up.

I love comments, it's the only way to know who's out there.  Strangely enough each of the people having trouble with their comments are pretty active on Facebook.  Hmmmm.... okay, this was the nudge I needed....

I cursed Mark Zuckerberg and vowed never to watch The Social Network while I spent several tedious hours creating a Facebook Page for the blog.  Facebook is a pain!!!  It's not intuitive and the privacy settings practically require a map and a PhD in logistics to understand.  

How in the world my Comment challenged friends can have trouble with the three easy steps to get a free Google account and yet can maintain their Facebook presence is beyond me!  :)  

Atta, Noel, Mr. Biggs and I stumbled off to bed around 1AM too tired to even watch mindless television.  

There's now a badge in the right hand column that will link you to the News From The Hill Facebook page. You brave Facebook literate souls can click on the badge and post comments to the Facebook page if you don't want to sign in under a Google or OpenID account.   I'll be learning the ropes and monitoring the Page.  Wish me luck!

I agonize over photo sizing and layouts so I refuse to put posts on Facebook that would get compressed and mangled.  Because of that the posts there are partial feeds, but it will serve well as a landing point for Facebook users, or a way for them to Subscribe/Like, and also to comment.

We'll see if anyone "Likes" me who isn't already a "Follower"..... such a lot to learn!

Goodness this was a technical post!  And to think I remember when Joe brought the first black and white computer home and I had to learn how to click and move the mouse!


  1. Congratulations on getting it all set up. Facebook is a bit of a maze at first but all will do fine with it in time. Seems all sites onlline compress photos until they are flat as a pancake and it really changes the quality of them.

    Looking forward to new photos of your place soon, but I'll be patient about it... LOL

  2. i admire you for getting thru all that. i don't even have a personal facebook acct. just can't do it. i'll stick to blogging. but i'd give you a 'like' if i could...

  3. Here ya! Always tweaking and never seems easy .. one thing leads to another! I admire those folks who do it so easily! FB will become more intuitive ... I had a heck of a time setting up my blog page and how it works still confuses me since I also have a personal page.

  4. Too funny! I have a slew of followers that email me for each post! Why? I have no idea!!! I have a FB page so I will friend you :)
    In 1992 I went online with AOL. I remember getting my first phone bill, because the connection was long distance to california! It was hundreds of dollars :( I calld my Dad and said "What should I do" He said "Pay it!"
    And tole me I should set a timer so I didn't stay on too long! Boy, have things changed!
    xo, misha

  5. The Ashe County Cheese Factory is in West Jefferson, North's about 25 miles from the VA state line.....come on down!!!


  6. Um.....I hesitate to mention this but many of us are leaving Face Book for greener pastures (GOOGLE+). At the moment it's still in beta and you need an invitation from a member to sign up so if you'd like to give it a whirl.......

  7. Looking forward to the photos of progress!...

  8. We were FB folks for a few months, then found we could have much mroe fun blogging and more space for all our ramblings and photos. We "resigned" and have no urgent desire/need to FB. So, I will continue reading blogs and posting there. You are so right about folks who seem to have a tough time posting comments. I wonder why they just don't get a google account - it's free and doesn't really need to be used for other than posting...just wondering.


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