Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We've Got a Slab! (Week 7)

Joe made it home (that's the Louisiana home) on Saturday and it has been refreshing to have someone around the house to talk to who actually can answer back.  Not that Biggs, Atta and Noel aren't fine company but their conversational skills are lacking!

We've been working so hard outdoors in the mornings that I wouldn't be surprised if his proposed 3 week stay before returning to Virginia gets shortened!  By about 10:30 it's too hot to do a thing more outside except collapse in the pool.

Though I don't stay in too long, the pool has been absolute bliss this summer and I'm willing to put up with sun damage and wrinkles to have the refreshment after a few sweltering hours of yard work!

This photo of the new house is about a week old and by now we've probably got a fair amount of lumber going up for the basement walls.  But here's the slab as it was last week and seen from the lower level looking uphill....

And here is a vital part of building the house....

I'm embarassed to admit that "back in the day" we didn't get a porta-john when we acted as neophyte contractors to build our Louisiana house.  I'm not even sure that you could rent them, but irregardless we probably would have been of opinion that it was an area where we could save a little money.

And there were plenty of woods all around.

It may be 27 years late, but to all of the workmen who toiled on our house:  I'm sorry we were so cheap.


  1. LOL... yes, the porta potty is a necessity on a job site. Well worth the money!

  2. Curious as to what style of home you are having built. Do tell.


  3. Don't mean to run it in but it's 79 degrees, humidity 40% and a light breeze out of the northwest in my corner of the Blue Ridge right now. See what y'all have to look forward to?


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