Monday, June 13, 2011

Eye or Throat.... What to Worry About?

Bree is giving me some worries on several fronts.  I've been waiting 6 weeks for his cyclosporin implant to get off backorder so that he can have his eye surgery at LSU.  Can you believe that a medical device is backordered for that long?!  Well it finally came in and surgery was scheduled for last week.  Then totally out of left field, he developed a cough!  Between that and some nasal drainage, it was enough to make us cancel the surgery.  NEVER has he coughed or had any kind of illness so what is this all about???

Fast forward to this weekend.  After a week on antibiotics, I was thinking that he was back to his old self.  Cough gone and no sign of the nasal drainage.  On Saturday AM, I loaded him up in the trailer for the 40 minute drive to our "local" equine specialist.  I assumed that  I was bringing him in for a routine recheck.  Wrong!  More problems and my 30 minute appointment wound up being 3.5 hours.

Another round with the endoscope;  if you think having a guttural pouch flushed out sounds a little yucky, you're right!

He's been the picture of health for the past 10 years with no veterinary expenses other than routine procedures.  He's making up for lost time now and putting quite a dent in the pocketbook.  We keep joking about the "slippery slope"..... When do you say No and draw the line on shelling out for more tests and treatments?

Do nothing and a good horse loses his eyesight and is useless for what I want him to do (trailriding).  Treat him and drain the coffers but maybe.... maybe.... save his sight.  And then what the heck is going on with the swollen/dropped larynx?  Where is my crystal ball??!!


  1. oh, i'm terribly sorry to hear stories like this! i hope you can get him well and on the road to full recovery! pets (of any size) are expensive and worrisome - just like kids...

  2. UGH!! Well, I have had two horses go through colic surgeries over the years, and one had a bad case of lyme disease. All survived and thrived, but it cost us 25,000. when all was said and done. *sigh* I know your woe.

    Hoping all goes well from here on out for your horse...

  3. he looks so sad. :-(


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