Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Visit to Hull's Drive-In

It's hot and dry here in LA.  The forecast for today is 101, so I'm holing up indoors with the air conditioning.  I'm still trying to catch up on email and computer "stuff," and other than moving the hose and sprinkler around, I'm not setting foot outdoors unless it's to float around in the pool!

Last Sunday after the "kids" had all left VA for three corners of the country, Joe and I went out on a little date. 

Yes, our new Virginia hometown has a drive-in movie!  

Hull's Drive-In first opened in 1950 and was purchased about 11 years ago by a grass-roots community group shortly after the long time owner of Hull's passed away.  Its success is proof that folks can work together to preserve something and not just shrug their shoulders and mourn its passing. 

Not only community owned but volunteer operated!  I look forward to being a Hull's Angel, as the volunteers are called, when we move up there full time.  I think I have the skill set needed to be an awesome sno-cone maker!

Before darkness falls there is music playing (oldies of course), kids tossing balls between the lanes of cars and people setting up all manner of ways to watch: blankets, chairs, pickup truck beds etc. 

Last summer on a visit to town, we were staying in Clark's off campus apartment when we went to Hull's for the first time.   We were driving the pickup truck and piled the bed full of Clark's futon pad and the cushions from his chairs.  This year we snuggled on the awesome "camp couch" and had cupholders!

Mr. Biggs loves that it's pet friendly at Hull's Drive In!  It was chilly enough to get cozy under the quilt near the end of the movie.  No hanky-panky going on though!  We behaved ourselves!  

True Grit was the first movie shown and we old folks didn't stay for the second feature.  My movie critic analysis is that the acting was better in this new version (sorry about that John Wayne and Kim Darby!) but the screenplay was superior in the old one.

The last part of the movie was in speed drive:  there's the bad guy they've been looking for, he's got Mattie, she shot him, she falls in the snake pit, Rooster is riding across the field, she's out of the snake pit, Rooster is carrying her for help,  she's an old woman.  I promise you this all happens within the span of about 5 minutes!!  

I'm grateful to the forward thinkers with a Can-Do attitude who spearheaded the movement to purchase the drive-in.   Such vision, but what a harebrained scheme it must have seemed at the time!  


  1. oh how neat! hull's angels. love it!

  2. I heard about Hull's on one of our "local" TV programs a while back. (Local for us means it comes out of Roanoke and they claim to cover the entire western half of the state.)

    We have a local drive-in.....25 miles away, in Marion, but it's better than an indoor theater any day in my book. If a kid starts talking too loud in a drive-in you can just whip off a flip flop, lean over the back of the car seat and whap him upside the head!

    Back in Virginia Beach I grew up going to drive-in movies and my first job was working in a drive-in snack bar. Now they're all gone thanks to urban sprawl.

  3. Lucky you to be moving near a drive-in. The last one here on the VA eastern shore shut down a couple of years ago; unfortunately, we never went to a movie there as it was well over an hour drive from our home. When living in NJ as a child, my parents used to take my brother and I to a drive-in and it held great memories.

  4. "Local" is a relative term; our closest drive-in is an hour near Abingdon. By the time we drive there, see a movie and it's time to drive home, we're half asleep -LOL-.
    Welcome to VA, it's a great state.

  5. We have one too, at Fayetteville.. about a 20 minute drive! It's on the summer to do list. We just rented True Grit and I do believe I liked this one even better than the previous that we say when we were teens!


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