Friday, June 3, 2011

Rough Night Out

Two more pictures from the trip last week to Virginia.

Why Old Dogs Shouldn't Stay out Late at the Drive-In:  

Because at 9:45 AM they are still asleep in bed...... (keeping the owners of the bed from making it up!)

And when they do awaken they find themselves using somebody else's clothes for a blanket!

Mr. Biggs  15 years and 4 months old!


  1. that is precious!!! wish i was sleeping in this morning, but 5 dogs i know insisted i get up 20 min. earlier!!!

  2. Well.... better to be out late at the drive-in than out late at the bar. :-))

  3. ain't nothing wrong with that but I'm still not letting Buddy see these photos....he might get ideas!

  4. oh, how adorable ! You're a good dog mom.

  5. Ah, my Eddie is going to be 14 on July 1st.....we arbitrarily gave him that birthday....we know it is close to the date.....and he sleeps deeply just like that.

  6. Mr. Biggs is like our Mr. Ben, and perks come with a senior card!


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