Friday, June 10, 2011

MishMash of News

On Tuesday we had a pleasant trip down to New Orleans where we got to see Clark and Raeanna's new digs.  Not sure what to call it.... apartment, duplex, half of a house?  I believe I heard it being referred to as "the love nest!"

All will be glad to know that, as the song goes, they will indeed have a "place to Pee on Mardi Gras day" being only a couple of blocks from several main parade routes.  I, for one, am happier that it is in a "good" area, but to those in New Orleans, especially the under 30 crowd, parade location is pretty important!  Guess I'm just an old fogey!

But the main reason for our trip to New Orleans was to meet Raeanna's parents!!!  We had a delicious dinner at a restaurant on the outskirts of the French Quarter (Marigny Brasserie) but honestly we could have been eating cardboard and I think that we all would have had a good time.  Conversation flowed, we seem to have a lot in common and we didn't appear to embarrass the young folk too much!

Other news is that eventually I may get some more photos of the basement progress in Virginia since my trusty Panasonic Lumix camera is up there.  Yes, the nightly Louisiana slumber party is back in full swing with Joe off to Virginia.  Attagirl and Noel were quick to claim their space in the bedroom, Mr. Biggs enjoyed having more space to stretch out and we were up until well after 1AM last night reading and watching mindless television!  

On his way to bring my camera to Virginia, Joe made a slight detour to have dinner in Little Rock.  Unless you are geographically challenged you'll know that this isn't even close to being on the way, but he was being a good father who missed his oldest son! 

By all reports it was worth the extra five hours that it added to the trip!   I wish I could have been along to give Carter a hug and see his apartment, especially since I haven't seen him since Christmas!  

I haven't received any updated pictures of the new house since Joe has only been there 24 hours and there still is no Internet at the rental house, but I've been assured that we do indeed still have the beginnings of a basement and that construction is a little farther along.

It sure was a lot faster scraping off the grass, hammering in some boards for the slab, laying out some rebar and plastic and bringing in a little sand when we built here years ago.  Cranes, rock tappers, backhoes, huge metal forms, limestone out the wazoo, waterproofing.... it's quite a production building a basement!  

I'll add some color to the post and make those of you who aren't in the Deep South jealous.  The gardenias are blooming!
Too bad that Apple hasn't come up with iSmell since they are heavenly.  Who needs lilacs!  


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  7. wow! that's a beautiful bloom!

    glad you've had some family time and good to hear you're making progress on the VA house! that basement will SO be worth the trouble!

  8. oh good gosh. look what blogger's doing now!

  9. The lilacs in our area seemed somewhat non-existent this year. I'd love iSmell!! The gardenia is gorgeous!!


  10. I have never been to New Orleans and would love to explore that city some day... hopefully sooner than later!...


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