Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keep on the Sunny Side

I'm humming the song, "Keep on the Sunny Side... always on the sunny side.... always on the sunny side of life" as I'm typing because I'm determined not to rant and rage about the last two days.

I won't be a bi***y blogger!  I won't!

I will instead indulge in a teaching moment and remind everyone about the old parable of the elephant and the six blind men.  The story went that each of the blind men was led up to the elephant, allowed to touch it, and then asked describe an elephant.  Each focused only on one particular area and consequently the elephant was pronounced to be like a wall, a spear, a fan, a tree, a rope and snake.

No one got the "whole" of the elephant.

Substitute a palomino Morgan (Bree) for the elephant and LSU's Vet School for the six blind men.

That's all I say or I'll be humming a song of wrath and revenge instead of a cheerful ditty.

I wish that I could find this statue.  I'd hang a stethoscope around each of their necks.


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