Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House Progress (Week 3)

Birthday, engagement, graduation.... I'm sure that Clark is ready for the blog spotlight to move away from him for a while!

We've left Virginia and are here at the Louisiana house for a while.  Doesn't that sound "la-de-da"?  Having two houses?  Three if you count the rental!

The 950 mile drive between VA and LA is getting shorter and shorter!.... at least mentally.  Guess it's all in what you're used to and we've been doing it so much lately that it doesn't seem like much of a trip at all!

They poured the basement walls yesterday (Tuesday) out on the hill and will start taking down the forms tomorrow.  Unfortunately we were driving back to Louisiana, so we missed the excitement and the chance to take pictures. 

Here's what we were seeing before we left.  

Not much to look at when you first arrive except for dirt and rock everywhere.

I don't know how our neighbors can stand us!.... what a change from the beautiful green hillside that used to be there!

The forms come into sight and it begins to look larger as you get closer.....

And then from the back.... OH MY!!

So much for downsizing!


  1. How exciting! I bet you can hardly wait to be in there decorating. Welcome to the Old Dominion. I hope you like it here.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. My this looks like it will be a wonderful home, just for the view alone. How exciting for you to watch it being built (as much as possible with the LA commute). Just checked out the W&L grad photos - a wonderful day for all, especially the graduate! As you know we are also transplants to VA from NJ. Thanks for the blog visit and please do come back anytime as will I.

  3. I know that you are so excited to be progressing on the new domain in VA. It has been so nice to keep up with "The Simcoes" through every post. Talk about downsizing, I resurrected my Architectural skills when I decided to start planning new land, a new house myself... I just hope that I can roll forward with patience as you have done. I want it now! I think I add something on the list daily that I forgot I wanted... must be part of Voodoo ritual and good Mojo that keeps me building something! :) Ellie

  4. Virginia is my favorite state. Enjoy your life there. It is filled with dreams and history...

  5. I cannot imagine a long distance build like that! We have built several, but were nearby and it was stressful! What a beautiful view of those glorious mountains. We lived in North Carolina years ago, near the Blue Ridge Parkway and the blue mountains were breathtaking! Every state has something to offer and you will put down fresh roots and start growing again!

  6. jealous you'll have a basement! :) not jealous about the house-building stress though!

  7. Next trip up when you pass through Wytheville on I-81 look for an old geezer with a crazy red dog.....that'll be me.

  8. Each time we have moved I say, "could we please have a smaller house this time." Just never seems to happen though. Love your view, and you're going to love it too!



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