Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home Hazards

We switched realtors this week.  Thirteen months is long enough to be at the dance with the same partner.

So I had to fill out the Louisiana Real Estate Disclosure form again.  When I got to the "Adverse Materials" section, I was prepared to just zip on through.

Asbestos:  No
Radon Gas:  No
Contaminated Soil:  No
I was just x'ing away down the No side of the list.....

Hazardous Waste, Mold/Mildew, Electromagnetic Fields, Formaldehyde, Chemical Storage Tanks, Contaminated Water, Toxic Mold.....

Wait!  What's that listed right in between Toxic Mold and Crystal Meth Exposure?

OMG I have to check a yes!!!!

Look what we have....

Thank goodness we shut down the crystal meth lab or we'd have two "Adverse Materials and Conditions"!!


  1. WHAT?????.... Crystal Meth exposure???..... is this for real?...

  2. crystal meth - unfortunately it is a nationwide scourge, not limited to big cities. And yes, there is a website to see if the property you are looking to buy has ever been a meth lab

  3. I'm afraid I don't consider pets to be adverse materials. Just my opinion ....

  4. Surprised that marajuana growing wasn't included on that form...doesn't everybody have a crop in their backyard? Hope a change of realtor bring results for you.

  5. What a strange list... like anyone is going to check the Crystal Meth one.. LOL



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