Thursday, June 30, 2011

Double Duty

After not having had a foot in the stirrups since the winter, we swallowed hard and decided to brave the heat and "just do it."

Sarge called and whinnied for Bree for several days last week before settling into his solitary life.  Now he's having to do double duty since he's our only horse. 

Poor thing is as flabby as I am, so I'm sure this is a rude awakening.  

No point in trailering anywhere as we're each only able to ride for about 15 minutes before calling it quits!  The day after our first ride we were cripping around like the old folks that we are rapidly becoming!
Prior to this week, I had only ridden Sarge a time or two and then only for a couple of minutes.  Riding a Tennessee Walking horse is an acquired taste!  

I can appreciate the smoothness of the faster gaits, but the walk is totally bizarre.  Soooo much flexion in the lower leg joints that it bears a huge resemblance to riding a camel.  Add in the fact that it is as hot as can be and Sarge is so massively tall and the camel/desert analogy gets more plausible.  

Still missing Bree and can't believe he's gone, but it was fun to be back in the saddle again.  

Thanks Joe for sharing your trusty steed with me!


  1. glad you identified his breed as i was wondering what kind he was. large. deep chested. beautiful.

  2. If you do acquire that taste there are several farms nearby with camels that probably haven't been ridden in a while.

  3. I was wondering what breed also! He's a handsome dude, I've never ridden a gaited horse.

    How about a companion pony for Sarge?

  4. My hips ache just looking at your photos! You should receive a blue ribbon for riding in that heat; that horse is slathered in sweat! Bet y'all were to, eh? -smile-


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