Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Real Estate Demographic

After a year of obsessing and comparing our house with others on MLS, I've determined exactly what needs to happen for our home to sell.

There are currently only five houses for sale in the Zachary area that have 5 bedrooms (or more), so there is not much of a selection for families with a large number of children.  The other 4 homes are all in traditional subdivisions with tiny yards and therefore none of them has a barn.  

We could speed the sale of our house up greatly if Georgia Pacific (the nearby paper mill) or River Bend (the nearby nuclear plant)..... and people wonder why we want to move?..... would hire someone, turn a blind eye to EEO rules and go slightly afoul of fair hiring questions.

If they could bring on board an engineer who is a "practicing" Catholic, Mormon or a fundamentalist evangelical type (i.e. LOTS of children) who also has a horse, then our house is sold!  Instantly!

We need Catholics with a pony.

Seems simple to me.


  1. You are SUCH a hoot!!! Will scour the brush for same and send your way. Linda & Dave

  2. Please send them down here!!! We're ready to be full time neighbors! Remember you aren't "over the hill" you're "on top of the hill"!

  3. LOL... I likeyour blog style :-) Glad you found me, because now I can follow your adventure! Love your new house!... and..

    the decision to bring the horses back home has been a tough one.. you and I know what it's like to take care of them, and the freedom of not having to worry about them and have someone take care of them when you want to travel, But.... boarding somewhere else is just so different, you have a different relationship with the horse...that bothered me for two years.

    I look forward to your progress!!...Karen of This Old House

  4. this made me laugh!!! catholics with a pony - when i was a little girl, i SO wanted to be that! but i was just catholic - too poor for a pony... (too many mouths to feed! youngest of 8!)


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